Review: Samsung Serif LS01RAUX 4K QLED Range

Samsung Serif TV

Make a statement with the Samsung Serif TV series. After all, it definitely makes you look up and take notice. Why? The Serif TV has a unique design that sets it apart from its competitors and that’s never a bad thing! The sleek and skinny bezel sets that we have in our showrooms all look quite similar until you fire them up and the changes become more apparent.


So, Samsung have set out to design something quite different and, whilst it will not appeal to everyone or suit all interiors, this TV will sit confidently in any contemporary home. It could even become its own talking point in your home with its distinctive appearance.

The bold design, in either black or white, has a sharp profile and the screen is recessed into the gently sloping frame, giving a thoroughly new look to the standard piece of tech! Available in three sizes, the TV can be either freestanding on a cabinet/wall unit or you can use the tripod-style legs provided to lift the set to the right level.


The Serif features a stunning QLED display that showcases a picture with beautiful, bright colours and bold contrasts. Samsung creates ‘Full Colour Volume’ with over a billion shades splashing across the screen for a truly realistic image. Exclusive to Samsung, Quantum Dot Technology is used in their QLED screens and it really shows! This enables you to appreciate all of the finer details of your favourite shows and films.

With ‘Ambient Mode’ you can turn your TV into more than just a blank screen when it’s not being used, serving up beautiful images and useful information, your TV can help elevate your interior design to a whole new level.  

Samsung Serif Lifestyle Image

The Serif also comes equipped with a full array of smart features combining all of the most popular catch up applications such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime, ITV Hub and Apple TV.

Voice control comes easily with the Bixby feature, enabling you to select channels and switch modes via the voice-activated remote control. The smart remote is super easy to use and will control all of your connected equipment so that you will only need the one handset. This is also aided by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility.

Sharing content is effortless on the Samsung Serif. The NFC connection means that you can place your phone on the top of the surround and it will connect to the TV for quick and easy content sharing between the two devices. Apple users will be happy to note that it also includes Airplay 2 in its roster of great features. This enables you to stream and share content onto the big screen from an iPad, iPhone, or Mac. Videos can be streamed, music played and photos shown easily.

The Samsung Serif is a unique product in the market amongst its competitors. Of course, the new design won’t appeal to everyone but it includes all of the features that have made Samsung a loyal fan base. For full product specifications click here or pop down to your local Hughes store today to see it in the flesh.