Trade Review: Matrix MHC101FR Built-In Ceramic Hob

Matrix MHC101FR Built-In Ceramic Hob

Guest blog by Matt from Hughes Trade Peterborough,

If you like the look of the black glass ceramic hob, whether that’s for your own kitchen or for your business, look no further than the Matrix MHC101FR! Manufactured by CDA, it is a well-built appliance that is guaranteed to make any kitchen worktop look complete.

Popular within the trade sector for building and property renovation, Matrix products do not use visible branding so that they can seamlessly fit into any space whilst keeping the aesthetics in the kitchen looking neat. This makes their appliances the perfect option for any replacement.

The hob comes with the traditional rotary controls, which are often preferred over touch panel navigation systems. With easy to clean, shatterproof safety glass, it is a 60cm 4-zone frameless design that is versatile and familiar. As you would expect for the size of the surface area (576mm width x 518mm depth), there are two different sizes of hob with six power levels for each. It also features residual heat indicators alerting you to when the hob is too hot to touch (approximately 50 degrees or above) and giving you extra safety in the Kitchen.  We know that running a business can be stressful but the MHC101FR gives you added peace of mind with a 12 month warranty and 24 month parts warranty to help you avoid a work crisis.

To ensure that you get the most out of the hob, it is advised to use flat-bottomed pans for optimal results. If you decide to use cast iron pans, it should be noted that extra care needs to be taken, as they have coarse bases that may damage the hob surface.

In summary, the Matrix MHC101FR is very popular with our customers… and for good reason. With a versatile design that effortlessly fits into any kitchen, it has become a “go to” choice for many, but why stop there? Matrix has an extensive range of appliances so that you can always buy good quality products at an affordable price. You can pick up a Matrix brochure in any of our trade locations or look on our website for more information. Please remember to sign in with your Trade account to view full pricing information.