Review: Beko MOC20200 20L 800W Retro Microwave

Beko MOC20200 retro microwave

Guest blog by Aled,

Retro is a word that’s thrown around a lot these days, perhaps it evokes happier memories of times gone by or maybe it’s just a part of the whole “what goes around comes around” culture, but it’s always nice that something as mundane as a kitchen appliance can also trigger this mentality. This is where the Beko MOC20200 range of microwaves finds its niche! Combining classic styling and simplicity with modern cooking precision, this range of microwaves looks good and creates food that tastes great.

It’s easy to see why this range is so popular with our customers, its simple and stylish design adds personality to any kitchen and sets it apart from its competitors. Available in three colours (black, red and cream) it comes with several points of contact including the buttons, dial and door handle which are dressed in a shiny silver finish. The colour selection alone is a nice departure from the usual black or silver ones on the market.

Performance-wise, the MOC20200 has an output of 800-watts making it slightly more powerful than the majority of its competitors, which often only have 700-watts for the same price and size. This allows you to reduce heating times and gives you much more time in your day for the important things. It should be noted that the power output can be adjusted should you favour a slower operation while the absence of additional features, such as a grill and convection oven, also makes it easy to use from day-to-day.

The appliance comes preloaded with a grand total of eight programs. This includes two popcorn, two beverage and two potato settings, alongside special function buttons for fish and pizza. The instruction manual handily breaks down these program guidelines so that you can ensure optimal results with every use.

Overall, the Beko MOC20200 is a great choice for someone who is outfitting a retro-style kitchen or who just wants something easy to use. The range has a touch more power than a lot of others around the same compact size and price range, making it stand out amongst its competitors. Do you think this microwave could be a great fit in your kitchen? Find out more on our website or visit your local Hughes store for a friendly chat with our team of experts today.