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Sonos Era Review Preorder

It’s been a hot minute since Sonos released a new product… and it was worth the wait. Releasing two new speakers, the Era 100 and Era 300, they focus on spatial audio this time around with all of the tech needed to sound great by themselves or part of a whole surround sound system.

Sonos are well-known for their legendary products, providing flawless audio and great build quality with each product they release. The Era 100 reinvents their iconic Sonos One smart speaker and, after the second generation released in 2017, it’s fair to say that an upgrade was always going to be on the cards. The most notable difference between the two is its stereo sound (rather than the One’s mono). This detailed stereo separation is achieved using two angled tweeters powered by three class-D amplifiers and special waveguides to ensure the very best results. If this wasn’t enough, it also has a 25% bigger woofer than its predecessor for a deeper bass and richer sound. Although its small, bookshelf-friendly design means that it is not the best at spatial audio, the Era 100 would be great as a standalone smart speaker or used as rear speakers alongside Sonos’ other products.

The Era 300 is easily recognised by the unique, hourglass design which houses a total of six speaker drivers, each powered by their own class-D amplifier. Focusing on providing the spatial audio that Sonos’ fans have been screaming for, you can enjoy an immersive experience that encases the room. With the drivers carefully placed behind waveguides, sound is consciously spread as wide as possible so that everyone in the room can enjoy great quality sound without a chosen focus point. To maximise the Sonos experience, we recommend using two Era 300s as rear speakers to create a truly superior home cinema system.

Another welcome addition to the Era speakers is the inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity after it was previously limited to Sonos’ range of portable products (the Move and Roam). It’s worth noting that the ability to stream Dolby Atmos content on the new speakers is currently exclusive to Amazon Music Unlimited, however we are sure that Sonos will provide an update to widen the streaming options later down the line.

They have also focused on sustainability and longevity, with the Era speakers able to be fully serviced and more easily repaired by Sonos should an accident happen. This entry into the Sonos family also marks them taking steps toward greener products with the new Eras made with more than 40% of recycled plastic!

It’s safe to say that these amazing smart speakers are bound to upgrade your sound! Whether you want to use one on its own or to complete a set, they will be available to pre-order from the 14th of March, before their release date on the 28th of March 2023.

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