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Hotpoint HDT67V9H2CBUK Electric Cooker with Ceramic Hob
  Easy Clean Removable Glass Door - Keep your oven door sparkling   Double Ring Zone - Heat in just five seconds   XL Cavity - All the space you need for even the biggest of family meals   4 Zone Ceramic Hob   77L Main Cavity Capacity   49L Second Cavity Capacity   Multiflow Technology   H:900mm x W:600mm x D:600mm Hotpoint HDT67V9H2CBUK Electric Cooker with Ceramic Hob The Hotpoint HDT67V9H2CBUK Electric Cooker with Ceramic Hob makes whipping up your favourite meal much easier. This oven features 2 ovens, one of which features a built-in fan. The fan ensures that each shelf gets an even hear which means your food is cooked evenly no matter where it is placed in the oven. This Hotpoint electric cooker also features Multiflow technology which makes sure that the hot air moves around freely too, this guarantees those perfectly golden lasagnes and pasta bakes. The 4 zone ceramic hob gives you all the pot and pan space you need to boil those delicious vegetables or whip up a delicious chocolate sauce for dessert.
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£27 per month
Bosch WAN28258GB Series 4 1400rpm 8kg Washing Machine - White
8kg Capacity A Rated 72dB Iron Assist Reload Function Active Water Plus Speed Perfect Product Description Elevate your laundry routine with the Bosch WAN28258GB Series 4 1400rpm 8kg Washing Machine in timeless white. Designed for efficiency and convenience, this washing machine offers powerful performance to meet your laundry needs. With an ample 8kg capacity, this washing machine accommodates large loads, making it perfect for busy households. From bulky bedding to delicate garments, it handles a variety of fabrics with ease, ensuring thorough cleaning results every time. Experience quiet operation with a noise level of just 72dB, allowing you to run your washing machine without disrupting your home environment. The A-rated energy efficiency helps save on energy consumption, reducing both your utility bills and environmental impact. Enjoy added convenience with features like Iron Assist, which reduces creases and wrinkles in your laundry, minimising the need for ironing. The Reload Function allows you to add or remove items during the cycle, ensuring no garment gets left behind. Benefit from advanced technologies such as Active Water Plus, which adjusts water usage based on the load size and fabric type, resulting in optimal water efficiency. Speed Perfect delivers quick wash cycles without compromising on cleaning performance, perfect for when you're short on time. Upgrade your laundry experience with the Bosch WAN28258GB Series 4 1400rpm 8kg Washing Machine, combining spacious capacity, quiet operation, and innovative features for superior cleaning results.
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£19 per month
Hisense 50E7KQTUK 50" QLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV - Black
 4K Ultra HD Smart TV QLED Display Technology Game Mode Plus Freeview Play Dolby Atmos Audio 60Hz Quad Core Processor Need a wall bracket? Click here to find the right one for you Introducing the Hisense 50E7KQTUK 50" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, the perfect addition to your entertainment setup.With its stunning QLED display, smart features, and sleek design, this TV delivers an immersive viewing experience that will captivate you. The 50E7KQTUK's vibrant QLED display, brings colours to life with exceptional clarity and depth. Experience true-to-life visuals with incredible colour accuracy and remarkable contrast, allowing you to see every detail in stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution. Get ready to be amazed by the lifelike picture quality.Discover a world of entertainment with the smart features of the 50E7KQTUK. Access your favourite streaming services, browse the web, and explore a wide range of content right from your TV. Stay connected, catch up on shows, and discover new entertainment options with ease. The possibilities are endless. Navigating through your favourite apps and settings is a breeze with the intuitive interface and user-friendly remote control.Connect your external devices, such as gaming consoles or Blu-ray players, via the multiple HDMI and USB ports, expanding your entertainment options and enhancing your gaming experience.The sleek and modern design of the 50E7KQTUK adds a touch of sophistication to your living space. Its slim bezels and slim profile maximise the screen size while minimising distractions, creating an immersive viewing experience. Whether mounted on the wall or placed on a stand, this TV is a stylish addition to any room.
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£29 per month
Beko Pro RapiDry B5T4923RW 9kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer
  9kg Drum Capacity   RapiDry Mode   Sensor Drying   15 Programmes   Dimensions - H:846mm x W:598mm x D:605mm Dry your clothes faster with the Beko Pro B5T4923RW 9 kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer. Its special RapiDry mode can dry up to 5 kg of laundry in only an hour, so your clothes will be ready when you need them. When you're in a hurry, use the SteamCure technology. The steam refreshes your clothes and leaves them without creases and smells. And the reverse action drum separates your items while they dry to minimise creases. The Beko Pro B5T4923RW has automatic sensor programmes that stop the cycle as soon as your clothes are dry. This means they won't get over-dried, so you'll save money on electricity, and keep your clothes looking brighter and better for longer. Don't leave a sock behind again. The interior light makes it easy to see inside the drum, so you can be sure you got everything. Unload your clothes as soon as they're dry thanks to the auto cool-down feature. It blows cool air into the drum just before the end of the cycle, so you won't have to wait to empty the dryer. The combined double filter saves your time and hassle of cleaning of 2 separate filters.
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£20 per month
Sonos Beam Gen 2 Soundbar with Dolby Atmos and Voice Control
  Enjoy Vibrant Bass, crystal clear dialogue and a panoramic soundstage   Experience 3D surround sound effect with Dolby Atmos   Control with the Sonos App, your TV remote, Apple AirPlay 2 and your voice   Breeze through setup with only two cables, step-by-step guidance from the Sonos app and Smart Trueplay tuning   Easily expand your Sonos system over time to enjoy true surround sound and multi room listening. Everything connects over WiFi The Sonos Beam Gen 2 Soundbar will effortlessly enrich your home entertainment experience. The Sonos Beam Gen 2 is the latest generation of Sonos compact smart soundbar which now features Dolby Atmos. You will be enjoying panoramic sound for shows, films and games when the TV is on, and stream music, radio and much more when it is off. Control is easy thanks to the Sonos app, your remote, your voice and Apple AirPlay 2. Sonos have made this soundbar much smarter on the inside, it features a faster processor which enables support for Dolby Atmos and creates two new audio paths for a virtual sound experience. Not only have they made it smarter on the inside but they have made this new generation more beautiful on the outside. Sonos have updated it with a precisely perforated grille, which makes the Beam look just as good as it sounds, it will effortlessly blend into your home. Five powerful speakers will fill your space from wall to wall with crisp highs, vibrant bass, and impressive depth. So anything you watch or listen to gets taken to a whole new level. Dolby Atmos maps sound in space for a 3D effect so you will now experience the sound of planes as if they are actually flying over your head, you will also be able to hear footsteps moving across the room and feel the crowd all around you at your favourite sporting events. Having incredible surround sound is one thing but when it muffles out the dialogue it isn't so good. This is no longer a problem thanks to the Oscar-winning sound engineers which have helped to fine tune the soundbar to ensure you hear every word and can always follow the story. For even greater clarity when the characters whisper or the action intensifies, you can turn on Speech Enhancement in the Sonos App. Advanced audio processing ensures balanced sound from wall to wall at any volume level. So when you want to watch TV but need to keep the volume down, turn on Night Sound in the app the intensity of the loud sound effects will be reduced while the quieter sound effects will be enhanced. The Sonos Beam Gen 2 has been made for music, you can stream music, radio, audiobooks and podcasts from all of your favourite services with detailed stereo sound that really will fill the room. There is nothing worse than getting a new soundbar and sitting there for ages trying to work out how it is set up, all you want to do is just start using it straight away. This soundbar allows you to go from unboxing to incredible sound in a matter of minutes, with only two cables and step-by-step guidance from the Sonos app, you will be enjoying your new soundbar in no time. Controlling your soundbar couldn't be easier and you have plenty of options to suit your preference. You can control it using the Sonos App which allows you to connect your streaming services, discover new music on Sonos Radio and you can personalise your settings. You can control it using the TV remote, the soundbar will sync with your existing remote for streamlined control and no extra clutter. You have the option on Touch to control your new Sonos Beam, simply swipe or tap the top of the soundbar to pause music, adjust the volume, skip a track or more. Send sound directly from your iPhone, iPad or Mac to your Sonos using AirPlay 2 and ask Siri to turn up the volume from your devices. The last option you have for controlling your new Sonos is probably the best, you can simply ask Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can set timers, check the news and even control your smart home devices. You don't even need to raise a finger to control the Sonos Beam Gen 2.
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£22 per month
Bosch Serie 2 SMS2ITW41G 12 Place Setting WiFi Enabled Dishwasher
  12 Place Setting Capacity   SpeedPerfect uses a bit more water to wash faster   Control from your smartphone with Home Connect app   Dries efficiently with heat created during the wash cycle   Dimensions H:845mm x W:600mm x D:600mm The Bosch Series 2 SMSITW41G 12 Place Setting WiFi Enabled Dishwasher will have your plates, cutlery and glassware sparkling in no time. You can control your dishwasher using your smartphone from anywhere thanks to the Home Connect app. It allow syou to adjust the settings, add favourite programmes to the quick selection and much more from wherever you are. This dishwasher is also compatible with Amazon Alexa which allows you to control your dishwasher with your voice. When you need some quiet time, reduce the dishwasher noise with the Silence function on the app. It lowers noise levels for up to 30 minutes, so you can finish your conversation without the sound of the dishwasher in the background. Look after delicate glassware with the dishwasher's glass protection technology. It regulates water hardness to care for delicate glass and china when they go through the cleaning cycle. With the ExtraDry function you can say goodbye to finishing the job with a tea towel. Even difficult-to-dry items like plastic cups and boxes will come out dry and ready to use. With space for 12 place settings, the Bosch SMS2ITW41G is ideal for smaller households. It has adjustable racking and a height-adjustable top basket, so you can easily create room for larger dishes and pans.
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£12 per month
LG 32LQ630B6LA 32" HDR HD Ready Smart TV
Need a wall bracket? Click Here to find the right one for you 32" HDR Screen HD Ready 1366x768 Smart WEBOS 1000 Picture Mastering Index Virtual Surround Plus Product Description The LG 32LQ630B6LA 32" LED Smart TV really does deliver when it comes to your viewing experience. It has been packed with the latest technologies to ensure you have a crisp clear display for whatever you are watching. The LQ630 features Dynamic Colour Enhancer, which is an advanced image processor, it will adjust colours to deliver much richer and more lifelike images, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature's true colours from the comfort of your own sofa. The Quad Core Processor eliminates noise and creates more dynamic colour and contrast. Even the lower resolution images are upscaled and reproduced as sharper and more vivid images. This TV also features Active HDR which optimises every scene to deliver incredible detail and richer colours. The multi-HDR format, including HDR10 and HLG, coupled with LG's dynamic scene-by-scene adjustment technology, lets you enjoy any video content in amazing HDR quality. Having impressive image quality is one thing but when it is paired with good sound quality then your viewing experience is taken to a new level. Virtual Surround Plus delivers rich, multi-dimensional sound with the built-in speakers on your TV to then heighten your experience with sound coming from all directions. Dolby Audio also enhances your experience by delivering a more immersive theatre-quality sound to the comfort of your own home. LG smart TV with webOS allows you to easily enjoy your favourite Netflix movies, YouTube videos, and much more. The new design and various features deliver smarter yet simpler viewing experiences. By connecting your USB stick or external hard drive, you can enjoy almost any content on your TV. Watch videos and view photos on a bigger screen in higher resolution. A thin bezel and stylish finish work in harmony with your interior to create a better viewing experience.
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£25 per month
Bosch Series 4 WAN28282GB 8kg 1400rpm Washing Machine - White
8kg Capacity 1400 Spin Speed 15-minute Quickwash Child Lock VarioPerfect technology EcoSilence Drive motor Product Description Are you tired of never-ending laundry sessions? Meet the Bosch WAN28282GB washing machine your ticket to a high-quality, efficient laundry experience that saves you precious time and energy. Boasting an impressive 8kg capacity, this powerhouse can effortlessly handle large loads, leaving you with more free time to do what you love. Plus, with its environmentally friendly C energy rating, it's kinder to both your wallet and the planet. What sets the Bosch WAN28282GB apart is its innovative VarioPerfect technology. It gives you two tailored wash options: EcoPerfect for energy-conscious cleaning and SpeedPerfect for a lightning-fast wash. Now you have the power to choose the ideal setting for every laundry load, whether it's a race against time or a commitment to eco-friendliness. But that's not all this modern marvel features an intuitive LED display to keep you informed about your wash cycle's progress, a convenient delay start timer, and an AquaStop system that ensures your home stays protected from water damage. Don't settle for ordinary. Elevate your laundry game with the Bosch WAN28282GB a stylish, efficient, and dependable washing machine that's designed to simplify your life. Ready to experience laundry like never before? Click here to explore more and make the Bosch WAN28282GB a part of your home.

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