Review: Hotpoint ActiveCare NM11 946 WC A UK N 9kg Washing Machine

Hotpoint ActiveCare Washing Machine

Conquer the laundry once and for all in our latest prize draw and enter for the chance to win a Hotpoint NM11946WCAUKN 9kg Washing Machine. With ActiveCare technology, Hotpoint can help you lift over 100 common household stains at just 20 degrees. It does this by pre-mixing the water and detergent to create a mousse that can remove everything from pizza grease to wine and coffee stains. This makes it ideal for more delicate items and helps to take the hard work out of laundry day.

A must for any growing family or those with sensitive skin, the NM11 946 WC A UK N uses steam to ensure fabrics are fresh and hygienically clean. Choose between the Steam Hygiene and Steam Refresh cycles with the refresh option injecting 20 minutes of steam in the drum to reduce creases and remove odours. For a deep clean, you can’t beat the Steam Hygiene option which uses steam at the end of the wash cycle to remove up to 99.9% of common bacteria without the use of nasty chemicals that could cause irritation. This is further aided by the antimicrobial door seal which helps prevent bacteria build up inside the drum.

Other notable features include the Stop&Add function that allows you to add last minute items to the wash several minutes after the cycle has started and resumes without impacting the high-quality results. The Eco and Rapid programmes are also a great help to any chaotic household with the choice to either speed up the wash by up to 50% or reducing the energy consumption of your appliance by up to 20%.

The Final Care option is also helpful for those of us with busy lifestyles with the add-on function keeping your laundry smelling fresh and crease-free for up to six hours after washing. This is perfect for when you’re swamped doing other tasks and lets you get to the laundry when it best suits you.

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