Recipe: Goi Cuon (Vegetarian Autumn Rice Rolls)


Vegetarian Autumn Rice Rolls

12 rice cakes of 22cm (2 per person)

100g of rice vermicelli (bún)

100g fried tofu to be seasoned with 1 tsp soya/1 tsp sugar

100g red cabbage

100g fresh mango

1 carrot

6 large lettuce leaves

24 fresh mint leaves, 12 coriander stems, 6 shiso leaves (tia tô)

1/3 cucumber

6 Chinese chives

Oil to fry the tofu

Peanut sauce

3 tbsp of hoisin sauce

1 tbsp peanut butter

2 tbsp lightly crushed roasted peanuts

150ml hot water

2 cloves of pressed garlic

½ tsp of Sambal Oelek chili puree



Making the rolls

1. Moisten the rice papers in a large bowl of hot water.

2. Cover your board with a damp tea towel. Have all the filling ingredients in front of you.

3. Quickly plunge the dry rice paper into the hot water, just once. The paper will continue to soften on the board. If you soak it too long, it will tear easily.

4. In the first half of the cake, place half a salad leaf, one or tw o slices of cucumber, a little grated carrot and red cabbage, tofu, coriander, mint, shiso and a little rice vermicelli.

5. Peel off the bottom of the cake and fold gently over the filling. Hold the roll firmly and roll to the middle. Fold the side edges over the roll, insert a chopped chive stem, leaving 1 or 2 cm of stem on the outside of one side of the roll. Then roll until the roll is completely closed.

6. Dip your rolls into the peanut sauce and enjoy.


1. To a small pan, add Hoisin sauce, peanut butter, garlic and brown gently. Pour in hot water.

2. Mix well and cook on low heat for 2 minutes to thicken. Let cool. Taste and adjust to taste.

3. Pour sauce into 6 cups and sprinkle with crushed peanuts and Sambal Oelek puree to taste.

Preparing the tofu

1. Sponge tofu so that it is perfectly dry then cut into thick slices.

2. Pour some oil into a saucepan and fr y the tofu until golden brown.

3. Take them out and place on paper towels to cool. Cut into matchsticks, season with soy sauce and sugar.

Cook the noodles

1. In a saucepan of boiling water, cook rice vermicelli for about 8 minutes (depending on brands), without salt and without covering.

2. Drain and rinse thoroughly under cold water, drain again and set aside.


1. Wash, peel and grate carrot. Shred red cabbage with a mandolin.

2. Wash salad, herbs and chives. Cut salad leaves in half, removing central white part. Cut the chive stalks in half so stems are around 10-12 cm.

3. Peel mango, slice in matchsticks. Wash cucumber and use 1/3 cut into thin slices about 8cm.