WIN: Samsung HW-N650 Wireless Cinematic Soundbar

Samsung HWN400 soundbar

Our TV screens have got bigger, and they’re now so thin that we can wall mount them almost flush to the wall.  The days when the bulk at the back of the TV would dominate a room are, thankfully, behind us but this has often been at the cost of the audio quality.  While we now get to enjoy incredible pictures on amazing screens, the space left in the TV for speakers is obviously reduced, meaning that the audio is usually not of the same quality as the picture you’re watching.  If this sounds like a problem you’re facing, then our latest competition is for YOU! This week, we’ve teamed up with the fantastic team at Samsung to launch our latest competition to WIN an incredible Samsung HW-N650 soundbar.  Read on to find out more and discover how you could win one for yourself!

This Samsung soundbar doesn’t just sound good, it looks good too.  The simple design looks elegant, while ensuring you hear every sound the way it should sound. The HW-N650 soundbar was tested and tuned at the California AudioLab, where Samsung’s audio engineers applied the most advanced acoustic technologies and utilised pioneering computer modelling to achieve the perfectly balanced, incredibly room-filling sound that this soundbar delivers. 

Soundbar Gif

Our winner will find the Samsung HW-N650 immerses the listener in a panoramic sound experience that’s hard to beat, thanks to the pure, powerful audio from the eight individual speakers, including Samsung’s Acoustic Beam technology. Your movie nights will be transformed into memorable evenings and your favourite music will sound the way the original artist wanted you to hear it.

Samsung’s Acoustic Beam technology makes the sound appear to come from precisely where the on-screen action is taking place.  It does this by mixing and distributing the sound via their Acoustic Beam.  This technology allows the sound to flow through a long speaker, with cleverly engineered openings at the top.  Each of these openings acts as an individual speaker, and controls the direction the sound travels; this creates a panoramic sound experience that’s second to none.

Samsung has packed this soundbar with powerful bass so, whether you’re watching an all-action blockbuster or relaxing to your favourite playlist, you’ll truly feel part of the action with the pulsating bass of the separate subwoofer. Thanks to wireless connectivity, you have the flexibility to locate it anywhere in the room. The wireless connection of the subwoofer ensures you can keep your space uncluttered and create the perfect sound set-up.

It’s not just the subwoofer that’s wireless, the Samsung HW-N650 delivers wireless sound straight to your TV.  There’s no need for extra wires so you can keep your TV room sleek and tidy thanks to the seamless and simple wireless connection to a Samsung TV. Samsung soundbar combined with a Samsung TV will have you experiencing superb and powerful audio and picture that will bring any TV show or film to life.

When your TV isn’t being watched, use the Samsung HW-N650 for simple, wireless streaming of all your favourite music.  Instantly get the party started or wind down after work by streaming your playlists from Deezer via any compatible phone or tablet with Bluetooth.

Use the Samsung HW-N650 to help create your own home cinema 4K experience.  Create fantastic film nights and turn even the most mundane sitcom into an experience by assembling an amazing 4K entertainment system. Effortlessly pair your Samsung soundbar with any one of our Samsung QLED TVs or Samsung Ultra HD Blu-ray players, and create a home cinema 4K experience that’s hard to beat.

Gamers rightly love this soundbar, too, thanks to Samsung’s optimised gaming sound. Just plug in your console and the soundbar’s clever auto settings will optimise the sound to the game you’re playing. Play on!

There’s a single Samsung remote that will control both your TV and soundbar, so you can get a completely connected experience at the press of a button. Clear the clutter caused by having loads of remotes as Samsung’s soundbars are designed to work effortlessly in sync with their entire TV range.

Samsung have thought of everything so there’s a mount kit (sold separately) that allows you to mount the soundbar directly to your compatible TV, eliminating the need to make additional holes in your wall and using just one cable to power both devices.

We have an amazing Samsung HW-N650 Wireless Cinematic Acoustic beam soundbar to give away to one lucky winner; to find out more and to be in with a chance of winning just head to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages to find out how you can enter our brilliant FREE competition.   

If you’re not lucky enough to win our competition you can buy online, browse our Samsung range online or ask your local store about a demonstration and hear the quality for yourself.