Review: Bosch Unlimited BCS122GB Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Guest blog by Maria,

The Bosch BCS122GB cordless upright cleaner is a powerful all-floor universal vacuum. The 18-volt battery pack is versatile as it can be used across various Bosch products, including drills, lawnmowers, cleaners and screwdrivers. In fact, the battery can be used with most of Bosch’s cordless home and garden products.

This vacuum has a high power brush and a digital spin motor, which does around 5000 revolutions per minute. With a long life span, it has perfectly calibrated aerodynamic blades that rotate faster than a formula one motor, making it compact, lightweight and high performing. It comes complete with 3.0ah batteries so you can charge one whilst using another – meaning it’s always ready to go! Each battery lasts up to 60 minutes and can be charged within this same time period, therefore never running out of power.

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With the Bosch BCS122GB vacuum cleaner, you no longer need different devices to clean each part of your home. Various tools are included, for example: a crevice tool, brush, mini turbo brush and a hose extension for hard to reach areas, making it suitable for both carpets and hard floors. It’s lightweight at only 3.5kg with a 0.4 litre capacity; making it incredibly easy to empty the canister. It also has a secure on switch option so you don’t have to hold the power button continuously for easy use.

The long lasting cartridge filter, with a pure air membrane, as well as the hygienic filter guarantees clean harmless air. This is achieved via a rotation cleaning system: simply twist a dial to clean your surroundings and use the easy-to-empty canister to keep the vacuum running efficiently.

Bosch BCS122GB battery charger

Overall, the Bosch BCS122GB is a great cordless vacuum cleaner with all of the tools needed for a thorough spring clean! It has the high-powered convenience of an upright or handheld vacuum, with quick charging and unlimited run time, and is suitable for the home, garden or car. If this wasn’t enough, with two universal batteries, you are always ready for action! This cleaner will ensure your house is spotless from top to bottom, even allowing you to clean the interior of your car as well.