Samsung 2019 QLED Range

Discover the future of TV today, with the new 2019 QLED TV range now in-store. The range pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with every feature designed to enhance your entertainment in the most seamless way possible. It’s time to take a look at what makes this range stand out.

In detail

So sharp and so vivid you can almost touch it, with the highest brightness levels of any TV to date, and with every frame optimised to perfection the picture you see is as detailed as it is in the real world.

Every colour under the sun

See it as it should be seen, in genuine cinematic colour made from over a billion colours and shades. Unlike other technology, QLED transforms light into spectacular colour without degradation over time.

Just see the screen

No-one wants a cluster of wires to detract from the screen itself so all TVs in the range come with one Near-Invisible Cable. You can place the TV wherever you want, beautifully flush to the wall, and with everything in place in your One Connect Box. If only choosing what to watch on TV was as simple.

The brains

Well, stress no more because when you’re stuck for what to watch you’ll be served up some apt recommendations. You’ll find the new range of QLED’s aren’t just beautifully made, they’re intuitive too. They automatically adapt to give you the best sound and picture and are easily compatible with all your smart devices.

The range has already received rave reviews with Tech Radar awarding the Q90R a ‘Best In Class Award’ stating it’s “capable of competing with, and often surpassing, even the best OLEDs”. Forbes has also commended the Q90R for producing pictures “that are as breathtaking as they are groundbreaking”.

If you’re interested in taking a closer look at the new QLED range, then check out our product pages or come in-store for a demonstration to see them in action.