Review: Bosch Serie 6 SMV68MD00G Integrated Dishwasher

Guest blog by Ashley,

First of all, it is hard to know where to begin when talking about the Bosch SMV68MD00G. It is jam-packed with features, making this dishwasher a stand out performer amongst its competition, and is a proud owner of an A+++ energy rating. This feature alone should reassure you that it won’t cost an arm and a leg to run on a day-to-day basis – saving you money on your energy bills! Perfect for a growing household, the machine has 13 place settings providing you with valuable flexibility and plenty of room for small occasions or for those big party events. This machine incorporates everything it can to provide you with the versatility needed for everyday living.

When it comes to space, the upper basket has red-coloured markers for its vario-flex feature, enabling you to adjust the upper rack to different heights and positions to allow even more space in the lower rack for big pots and pans. There is no cutlery basket for this model but don’t panic! Bosch has included a vario drawer, located above the upper rack, which is a pull out drawer for all of your cutlery.

You may expect dishwashers to be noisy during a wash cycle, but this is a thing of the past with the inclusion of an eco silence drive motor. This results in an almost silent dishwasher with noise levels of 44db. This is a great feature alongside its eight key programmes. These are as follows: intensive (70C), auto (45-65C), eco (50C), silence (50C), short (60C), glass (40C), quick (45C) and pre-rinse. It includes four special options – intensive zone, vario speed plus, hygiene plus and extra dry, more on these options later on in the blog.

The two functions that really stand out for most potential buyers are the vario speed plus feature and the intensive zone option. Vario Speed works to reduce the wash time on selected programmes by up to 66% which delivers the same wash results from a normal length wash cycle whereas the Intensive Zone programme ensures a high spraying pressure which increases the temperature in the lower basket, giving pots and pans the deep clean they need. Saving you money, the load sensor will also automatically adjust the amount of water and energy used for a perfect clean every time.

Due to Bosch’s new and innovative design, this dishwasher blends in with the modern interior of most kitchens. Using open door assist instead of a bulky handle, you can open the dishwasher with a mere touch towards the top of the appliance. The machine also has a child lock to stop little fingers and a 24hr delay timer to start a cycle when it suits you.

A highlight of the long list of specifications for this innovative dishwasher is the presence of Zeolith. This promises perfect dry results every time! The Zeolith is a natural element which can’t be opened and is placed in the bottom right hand corner of the machine which will produce steam at the end of every cycle (which will kill off any bacteria) and it also leaves all the dishes and even plastics perfectly dry. This element will last the entire lifespan of the machine.

For a full demonstration and to see how this model stands out against its competitors, please pop into your nearest Hughes store and speak to one of our friendly staff who are always happy to help with a smile. This product is also available to purchase on our website with our useful click and collect service for a pick up time as little as one hour after ordering from a nearby branch.