Review: Bosch Serie 6 WVG30462GB Washer Dryer

Bosch WVG30462GB header image

Guest blog by Alistair,

The Bosch WVG30462GB is the energy efficient washer/dryer that you’ll hardly know is there! With a drum size of 7kg wash/4kg drying capacity and a wide range of cycles, this unit is ideal for the average family. The combination of innovative technology and tailored controls means that you are certain to find something that is more than suitable for even the most delicate of fabrics.

This washer/dryer does all it can to assist your current, active lifestyles without intruding on life’s quiet moments. It does this via its anti-vibration sidewalls and the use of magnets to turn the motor, rather than the usual noisy brushes, resulting in a much quieter cycle.

WVG30462GB controls

The eco-conscious among us will be pleased to note that the drum spin speed can reach an impressive 1500RPM on a selection of cycles. This extracts as much water as possible, so that it can rely less on the heat from the drying cycle, and results in an A-grade energy rating. This is further aided by the EcoPerfect setting, but this programme is not for those who are in a rush due to a longer run time. However, this is arguably worth it as this setting can save you up to 30% on your energy usage – meaning cheaper bills!

Other useful functions include Bosch’s unique VarioPerfect system that enables flexibility for both speed and eco settings. Need something quickly? Use the SpeedPerfect setting and you will get your clothes washed up to 60% faster!

HygieneCare adds hot air to the drum before using a cooler wash at 30 degrees, meaning you get the benefits of a higher temperature wash, without the high energy consumption and potential damage to clothes. Allergy+ mode is another welcome wash cycle to help with an intensive cycle for garments, which may be worn by an allergy sufferer or those with sensitive skin.

Overall, the look of the Bosch WVG30462GB is modern and stylish. The layout of the various wash cycles is very clear, with easy to read writing and appropriate icons for quick reference purposes. The handle on the door is inset into the door itself, at an easy to reach position on the upper right hand side, meaning less stooping down to open the door! The unit also has a solid build quality, with every part of the machine feeling well made. From the rotating dial, to the screen and detergent drawer, it all feels more premium compared to its competitors in a similar price range. For us at Hughes, this high standard build quality makes it a more confident choice to accommodate into family life.

WVG30462GB sizing diagram

A sleek LED screen, with a bright red display clearly shows the time remaining on any given cycle, as well as your spin speed and the temperature of your wash. Control is effortless with touch sensitive buttons, enabling you to adjust the temperature and spin speed of any given cycle before you start. For safety of mind, the Bosch WVG30462GB is also backed up by a two year parts and labour warranty. This makes your weekly laundry ritual virtually error-free!

Bottom line, this is a great, cost effective machine that offers a lot of features in a small (and quiet) space saving option. This unit is suitable for a wide range of households as they grow and change. Suitable for small kitchens in single bedroom flats, to open space kitchens in larger family homes, it is a very versatile washer dryer that is bound not to disappoint.