Review: Hisense WFHV6012 6kg 1200rpm Washing Machine

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Guest blog by Andy,

Looking for the perfect washing machine to fit a tight space? Then this is the machine for you! It’s perfect for smaller-sized households with its measurements of H:85cm, W:59.5cm and D:46cm. Although average in terms of height and width, it has a shallow depth measurement that you could squeeze into a smaller gap without worry – leaving more floor space! The Hisense WFHV6012 Freestanding Washing Machine also boasts a generous wash load capacity of 6kg, a high energy rating and a contemporary yet stylish design. The WFHV6012 is sure to fit seamlessly into your home environment.

As mentioned previously, the WFHV6012 has a fantastic energy rating! Taking laundry to the next level with it’s A+++ rating, it doesn’t only have the environment in mind, but it also works to cut down those costly energy bills. Running at a low annual energy cost throughout the year, proud owners of the WFHV6012 can expect an annual energy consumption rate of 153kWh. This machine also has an A-rated wash grade that makes it a prime contender amongst similarly priced models. Now for another rating, let’s talk about the WFHV6012’s Spin Efficiency Grade. With an RPM of 1200, the grade comes in at a B rating which is not bad at all. As well as a fantastic energy rating, a great wash grade and a fairly good spin rating, it also boasts a brilliant noise emissions rating with it producing only 72db on the spin and a mere 57db on the wash.

Hisense WFHV6012 open washer

Amongst its variety of features, the WFHV6012 has a whopping 15 separate wash programmes to choose from, creating a wash specifically tailored to you. This, combined with the 360-degree SmartWash Technology, has the ability to weigh your washing and automatically adjust the cycle to ensure that you are running at the highest performance but at the lowest possible energy and water consumption.

The Quick Wash function uses less water on average (up to 30%) meaning that you can care for your clothes and the environment at the same time. Quick washes are also better for your washing machine, reducing their running time and helping to care for them for longer. Another useful programme is the Delicate Wash. While stronger wash cycles can stretch, rip, shrink, fade or distort your delicate garments, this wash cycle uses cold water and mild agitation to protect these articles from damage. A delicate cycle cleans away dirt and odours, but won’t provide the same deep cleaning as a stronger programme. One more key programme to note is the Drum Clean setting, this is designed to keep your washing machine clean and improve its performance whilst warding off unnecessary repairs and lengthening its life. This program is a self-cleaning course, which helps to remove dirt, mould and bacterial residue that can breed in the machine after it has been used for a long period – especially when low temperature washes are used regularly. The other 12 programmes listed are; Cotton, Cotton ECO, Skin Care, Synthetics, Wool, Shirts, Dark Wash, Mix, Sportswear, Duvet, Spin and Rinse & Spin. It is worth pointing out as well that the WFHV6012 also has a digital display that will tell you what temperature you are on, which spin speed is selected and how much time is remaining. The WFHV6012 also has a timer delay that allows the start time to be set in the future.

Hisense WFHV6012 inside the drum

Overall, the WFHV6012 is an all-round good little machine. It’s perfect for a smaller household and those limited on space. Also, like most washing machines, this is a cold-feed-only machine. Still, all in all, this is a fantastic washer with Hisense also offering a handy two-year guarantee! To look at this model in more detail, why not pop into your local Hughes store for a chat with our knowledgeable team, or take a look online! If you are in a hurry, you can purchase the washing machine using our click and collect service for a pick up time as little as one hour after ordering from a nearby branch.