Review: Hotpoint MWH2622MB Extra Space 800W Microwave

Hotpoint MWH2622MB

Guest blog by Jordan

I have owned my Hotpoint MWH 2622MB extra space 800w microwave with grill for a few months now and I can say I am very happy with the performance. From tasks as simple as reheating left-overs, or defrosting food through to grilling and even preparing complex meals, it performs each function with ease.

Unlike a lot of microwaves, the Hotpoint MWH2622MB boasts a huge 25 litres of usable space which will easily accommodate most foods, whilst the flatbed design allows you to place foods in that wouldn’t fit in a conventional microwave, corner to corner it’s a whopping 40cm!

The multi-wave technology means that food is evenly cooked, despite the lack of turntable. In addition to this, the lack of turntable allows you to place two dishes side-by-side. This saves on having to use the microwave multiple times, which is a blessing when reheating different portions of left overs.

Hotpoint MWH2622MB  - open

The built-in quartz grill can be used alongside the microwave function, or on its own. This enables the microwave to achieve a crisp, brown coating on the food, whilst leaving the inside moist and tender.

Another feature of this machine that I find particularly useful is that although the glass on the door is opaque when off, leaving the appliance looking sleek and modern when it is not in use, it turns transparent when the microwave oven is in use. This allows the user to keep a close eye on the food as it cooks, without having to open the door, leading to perfectly cooked food every time.

A fantastic feature for lazy chefs (like me) out there is the auto clean function. All you have to do is fill a microwaveable bowl with water and place it into the microwave. You then select the “auto clean” function on the menu. The steam generated then loosens any food residue stuck to the inside of the appliance. With the lack of components inside the cavity, cleaning it takes a matter of minutes!

Hotpoint MWH2622MB closed

The final feature I will mention is the dynamic defrost feature. This allows you to gently defrost your food without cooking it. This is good for somebody like me who tends to batch cook and then freeze a lot.

To conclude, this microwave has surprised me with its various functions, allowing me to integrate it into my daily routine without wishing for more. From its stylish exterior, to its auto clean function, this microwave is perfect for anyone in the market for a new microwave. Buy online, use our Click & Collect to pick up from a local store in as little as one hour or ask your local store for more information.