Review: KitSound KSIGNWH Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker

Guest blog by Lauren.

Have you ever noticed that there are times when the ability to listen to music would really brighten the mundane? Such as when you are doing the washing up or blitzing the bathroom, but having a stereo surround system is impractical, there are not enough power outlets to stretch the cords to or the risk of water proves dangerous.

I found myself in a similar situation with my kitchen. Being such a small space I literally have two power outlets and no work surfaces. A big radio or CD player would take up much of the the very little room I have on the counter tops and the ideal place on the windowsill would mean stretching a power cable across the sink. But just like everyone else, listening to my tunes motivates me to move more and get things done more quickly – ideal when cleaning the kitchen or putting my culinary skills to the test.

Recently I found the perfect means to a musical end in the KitSound Bluetooth speaker.

ksignwh-2The KitSound may seem small but this compact speaker has a lot to shout about. Measuring just H:80mm X W:170mm X D:130mm, the KitSound is easily portable and fits everywhere; on the windowsill, on top of the cistern, on the patio table. It is very unobtrusive, bringing a clean, neat look to any décor.

Being a rechargeable unit, the KitSound is unique for its mobility. With a range of up to 10 meters away for a compatible Bluetooth device, the KitSound is perfectly at home on a summer’s day as the centrepiece to a family BBQ or to liven up the local pub garden.

ksignwh-3Holding a fantastic charge of up to 10 hours, this impressive little speaker is simple to recharge with the USB charging cable that comes with it. Either plug it into a PC to charge or add a USB power plug to the end and charge via the mains; an iPad or iPhone plug works wonders for this.

Packing a punch, this small device holds 2 x 3w built in speakers. When first turned on the KitSound will boom an impressive note to sound the volume before it begins playing music, allowing you to adjust it as you please.

ksignwh-5If sharing your music is not opportune or you wish to relax in a hammock with your headphones, the KitSound has a standard 3.5mm jack that not only allows for solitary listening but makes the device compatible with non-Bluetooth hardware.

Not only does the KitSound fulfill your musical requirements but it also can provide you with a hands-free device. Simply by linking it with the music on your phone, the KitSound will stop playing and allow you to talk when a call comes in. Its built-in microphone means that even if your hands are wet in the kitchen sink you can still make time to call your Mum!

ksignwh-4Inside the box, the KitSound comes with a plush corded carry pouch to protect the unit when not in use. Simple to set up, simply charge the unit before first use, activate Bluetooth on your chosen device, hit play and turn the KitSound on. Instantly the music will transfer and you can enjoy a clear, crisp sound.

So whether you delight in relaxing bubble baths with your favourite musical extravagance or simply want to sing along while doing the washing up, the KitSound can bring music at your convenience. Come along to your nearest Hughes store to hear one in action today or click and collect to order yours now.