Review: LG OLED55C8PLA OLED TV with Cinema HDR


So here it is, the latest incredible OLED TV from LG and – boy – has it made a statement!  We have this TV on display in our store and when you look over into our TV section it really is the only TV you see! The colours are outstanding, I though last year’s OLED55B7V was impressive but this really is a step forward. The design of the TV is impressive too, it has a new stand which LG call the ‘Streamlined Alpine Stand’; it serves a purpose when it comes to the overall look of the TV as it blends into the bottom of the screen, making it look like the whole TV is one mould. You will see from the spec sheet of this TV there is all sorts of new technology it offers so I will try to clear some of those up for you now.

First let’s start with the basics. OLED, what does that mean? Well, the technical description is that OLED screens are made of organic carbon-based materials that emit light when electricity is applied. To me and you this means that an OLED TV does not have a lighting system behind the screen like traditional LED TV’s which means individual parts of the screen can be lit up while having surrounding parts of the screen switch off. This is the reason black is true black and whites are crisp white all with no light bleed. Aside from making the picture quality much better, the lack of lighting system allows a thin and even more efficient TV.

LG OLED55C8PLA Perfect Black

Its processor is described by LG as ‘A Brilliant Brain’ and I have to agree.  It has more than enough power to deliver perfect picture quality. It does this in many ways. First, it has Quad step noise reduction; this suppresses noise interference that can cause waves of colour on screen, delivering a smooth, enhanced picture with no imperfection of colour. It has depth enhancement which separates the foreground object from the background, giving you a natural feeling of depth. The A9 intelligent processor also allows up to 120 frames per second to almost eliminate the motion blur you can get while gaming or watching sports.

Now, onto new technology: AI. This stands for Artificial Intelligence and it is rather impressive. I’ve been playing with AI and I can see how this will make using the TV not only easier but also much more interesting. In basic terms it is voice control and yes, lots of TV’s now have voice control, but I’ve not yet come across any that work like this. It will do all your basic functions like change picture mode with commands such as ‘Change to sports mode’ and utilise inbuilt apps such as YouTube with commands like ‘show me exercise videos’ but it goes waybeyond that. It can control external devices with commands like ‘Launch Games Console’ and even control the power of the TV with ‘Turn off after This Programme’. Not only does it have many commands but it actually works really well. Every command I gave it worked first time. Thumbs up here!


It can produce Cinema HDR to allow to allow you to see your movies just how they were recorded. It can also recognise major High Dynamic Range formats such as HLG, HDR 10, Dolby Vision and Technicolor so no matter what content you are watching you will see it the best it can be seen.

Finally, the sound is extremely impressive, especially for such a thin TV. It has a great depth of sound and the clarity of voice is outstanding. It is also capable of Dolby Atmos which, in a nut shell, lifts your surround sound to new heights using an object based sound output to create impactful and immersive sound. Coupled with Dolby Vision this is the full cinema experience in your lounge.

LG OLED55C8PLA front

As an overview, would I spend my money on this TV? Yes, without a shadow of doubt; it has to be seen to believed, it is rather spectacular. The picture quality is outstanding it really is, I don’t see any other TV with a picture like this, with colours so deep or objects so sharp. The sound is also very good, although it’s fair to say that a Dolby Atmos soundbar would complement this set very well though. The Smart function just work very well, apps open and close fast, voice control is accurate and the menu is incredibly easy to navigate. In the unlikely event all those features were not enough to sway me, well it also looks pretty good while switched off. If you’re in the market for a new TV and you want to be wowed I strongly suggest you pop into one of our stores and see this on display and I can pretty much guarantee you will be as impressed as I was.

Buy the 55” LG OLED55C8PLA online today, rent for £32.31 per week or use our Click & Collect service to get one in as little as one hour.  Going large? You can purchase the 65” model online, pick up in one hour with our Click & Collect or ask your local Hughes store about a demo.