Review: Panasonic DMPUB300EB 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player

Panasonic DMPUB300EB

Guest blog by John Eccles

If you’re keen to get the best possible picture on your UHD TV, but equally keen to get it without the price tag of a flagship 4K Blu-ray player then the Panasonic DMPUB300EB is ideal. Panasonic, understanding the need for an entry-level Blu-ray player have added this cracking piece of kit to its UHD range.

The Panasonic DMPUB300EB 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player with Dolby Digital Plus is a great Blu-ray player that offers brilliant audio and video performance (via HDMI), despite its incredible entry-level price. At just £129, the Panasonic UB300 will undoubtedly promote awareness of 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray beyond the AV aficionado crowd, creating greater mass market appeal – and making 4K TV viewing affordable even for your 2nd TV!

Panasonic DMPUB300EB product

If you’re looking for a cheap UHD Blu-ray player then the Panasonic DMPUB300 obviously fits the bill with audio and video performance that’s comparable to Panasonic’s other 4K Blu-ray players. You’ll also find a great range of features, including hi-res audio support and 4K HDR streaming services. There is one HDMI output, no built-in Wi-Fi and no optical digital output and no built-in Wi-Fi but if you don’t need those, then this Blu-ray player is an incredible product at an incredible price.

The Panasonic DMPUB300EB delivers pictures with stunning colour and detail and it’s all down to the 4K High-Precision Chroma Processor. Technologies from the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory, their base for Blu-ray Disc Research & Development, are applied to Panasonic’s unique “4K High-Precision Chroma Processor.” 4K image colour signals are ‘translated’ into 4K by a multi-tap Chroma process, giving natural textures, true-to-life colours, warmth and depth.

Panasonic, DMPUB300EB 4K

In essence, the Panasonic UB300 will deliver awe-inspiring cinema-quality entertainment to your 4K TV – at a fraction of the cost of what I’d expect to pay; it’s little wonder that this budget Blu-ray player was awarded Best Buy from the European Imaging & Sound Association. To get Hollywood in your home, buy online, use our Click & Collect to pick one up in as little as one hour or ask your local store about a demo.