Review: Pure Evoke H4 Compact DAB+/FM Radio with Bluetooth

Guest blog by Rachel.

The Pure Evoke H4 is a portable FM and DAB/DAB+ radio ideal for use around the home and garden, and being simple to operate its suitable for all ages. It can be plugged into the mains for use in bedrooms, the kitchen or anywhere in your home. If you want to use it wirelessly, the radio will accommodate a Pure ChargePAK F1 battery (sold separately) which will last for up to 50 hours. There are two wood finishes to choose from, either oak or walnut, ensuring it will look stunning in any home.  Alternatively, it would make a great addition to any camping trip or holiday. The sleek metal carry handle makes it easy to transport, and with an array of alarm/timer and input options it is a must have item at a great price.

On opening the box you will find the main unit itself, the mains plug, 2 pin adapter for European use and manual. From here the setup is incredibly simple: plug it in, switch it on and your radio will prompt you to auto tune, picking up all the radio stations available in your area. The 2.4 inch colour display screen will show you what radio station you are on, along with album cover artwork if it is available. The display screen can cope with all lighting, so if you’re in the sun it is still easy to read.  The telescopic aerial can be adjusted to get the best reception, even if you’re out and about.

If, like me, you are a keen chef and enjoy spending time in the kitchen, this radio is ideal as there is a built-in timer.  If you are dancing round the kitchen getting lost in your favourite music, you will be reminded when it’s time to get things out of the oven. With 40 pre-set radio stations, you are sure to find something to suit your mood. The digital tick symbol, approved by Pure, also ensures that any FM stations that get moved to digital will all still be available on this device.

If you have content on a mobile phone or laptop but want quality sound playback, you can play them direct to the Evoke H4 either via Bluetooth or auxiliary cable (3.5mm jack plug). No more tinny playback!

For use at night, there is a headphone socket and a sleep timer setting, so after a set time the radio will power off and save electricity. The clock auto adjusts to your time zone, and you can alter the screen display so it’s dimmer – a great way to aid sleep.  You can wake up to either a tone alarm (great for a prompt awakening) or ease into your day with your favourite radio station; cleverly, the carry handle doubles up as the snooze button so you can even grab an extra few minutes!  In the event of a power cut, all pre-sets and alarms remain stored.

Taking all these features into account, I can say that this is a great buy. It does everything I need as well as looking good and sounds fantastic – I love it! Get your own Pure Evoke H4 online or use our Click & Collect service to pick one up in as little as one hour.  You can also speak to your local store to arrange a demo of this or any other Pure product.