Review: The Samsung Jet Vacuum Cleaner Range

Samsung Jet Vacuum Cleaner Review

Guest blog by Stephen from Hughes Spalding.

Samsung is a widely recognised brand in the home electronics industry, but they have only recently ventured into the vacuum cleaner sector. With a successful launch, they are rapidly building a glowing reputation that rivals their appliances in other technology markets, creating a range of 8 highly esteemed Samsung Jet Vacuum Cleaner models in their cordless line up.

Comparing the three mid-range models that we stock; the first impressions are that they look very smart with their sleek design and the cool white finish on the Jet 70 Turbo and Jet 70 Pet. All the models come with the Turbo Action Brush as the main floor head which has three wheels to assist in the smooth gliding action on every surface. This makes them very comfortable to hold, easy to steer and are not too heavy on the wrist making them great to use for all ages.

The controls are right at your fingertips – or should that be thumb tips! Three conveniently placed, easy to press, tactile buttons control the On and Off functions while three power level buttons utilise the 150w suction on the Jet 70 models (and the uprated 200w power of the Jet 75 Pet). Situated just above this is a simple LED indication of the power level and any maintenance issues you may encounter such as a clogged pipe, missing filter or jammed spinning brush head.

Complete a sweep of the whole house with up to 45 minutes of cleaning time using the Jet 70 Turbo and Pet models while the J75 has a slight upgrade with a run time of 60 minutes. It should be noted that the battery is removable, which is particularly useful as you can purchase an additional battery for even longer cleaning time. Samsung promotes that the battery maintains a 70% battery life after 5 years however, should it fail, it is easily replaced by the user with no need for any additional tools.

Talking of tools, all three of these models come with both the combi and crevice tools which can be stowed neatly and securely on the wall-mountable, 2-in-1 charger. The J70 Pet also comes with an additional mini motorised tool which is ideal for removing pet hair from upholstery, bedding, sofas or even in the car. The Jet 75 Pet comes with all of these and a flexi tool for those hard-to-reach places including ceilings or behind pieces of furniture that cannot be moved. All of these tools can be used at either the end of the wand or directly attached to the main body of the cleaner.

Samsung Jet 70 and 75 Pet Vacuum Cleaner Review

It should be noted that additional tools and batteries can be purchased for all models, such as an adjustable pipe, soft action brush, wet brush and a charge station, of which the Jet 90 Pro comes with these as standard. In comparison, the Jet 75 Pet weighs in at 2.8kg as it has a more powerful motor and longer battery life than the Jet 70 Turbo and the Jet 70 Pet which weigh in at 2.6kg.

Cleaning is easy with all three mid-range models capable of holding 0.8 litres in the dust bin. This is easily emptied by removing the bin from the main body, twisting the dust container and emptying the dirt into a nearby bin. Samsung also produce an additional accessory named the ‘Clean Station’. To use, simply place the dust container into the clean station and let it do the hard work for you with the container automatically and hygienically emptied into a 2-litre bag. This locks the dust away so that you can ensure that your home stays nice and clean.

Take the guesswork out of the spring clean with an indicator light telling you when the bag is full so that you don’t have to change the bag unnecessarily. The disposable dust bag captures large pieces of dirt and debris, while the additional filters lock away 99.999% of micro dust, like pollen and mould. It also features an activated carbon filter to keep smells trapped inside, keeping the air in your home as hygienically clean as your floors.

In summary, all models in the Samsung Jet Vacuum Cleaner range are smart, quiet and have excellent filtration. Making cleaning a breeze, every consideration has been made to ensure that the process is as stress-free as possible. This includes each model coming with additional tools to save you crucial time and effort. If you are in the market for a new hoover, you can test drive one today at your local store or find more details on our website here.