Review: Sony KD49XE8004BU Ultra HD 4K Television

Guest Blog by Ebony

The Sony KD49XE8004BU is a 4K TV that comes with the very latest technology built into it.

Its slim aluminium frame makes it stylish so it will suit any room. It is an Android TV which means you will be able to do more things with the TV, such as Google Cast and Google Play. You will be able to cast your phone screen onto the TV screen so you can ‘cast’ videos from your phone onto the bigger, better quality screen.

The picture quality of this TV is absolutely brilliant, the colours are bright and vibrant, thanks to the Triluminos display.

It is a 4K Ultra HD TV which makes watching TV more enjoyable with much better TV quality, more definition, depth and colour.

The Sony KD49XE8004BU has also got three picture modes to suit what you may be watching; these are as follows:

  1. Film picture mode- this gives you the option to watch movies in 24 frames per second; this prevents any juddering and makes the picture a lot smoother.
  2. Game picture mode- this mode reduces the amount of time your TV needs to process the video input (whether it be an XBOX, PS4 etc.) This reduces the lag time from your game to the TV, making game play a lot smoother.
  3. Sports picture mode- this mode makes pictures a lot brighter and overall makes watching sports more enjoyable.

Not only is the Sony KD49XE8004BU a 4K TV but it has got Ultra HD 4K upscaling built into it. What this means is that, although you may not be watching TV from a true 4K source (standard Sky HD), it will upscale the picture as much as it can to be as close to 4K as it can. The TV is always working to give you the best picture.

Product features

The Sony KD49XE8004BU has many features built-in, these are as follows:-

  • Built in Wi-Fi – this means the TV will be able to connect to the internet, wirelessly.
  • Smart- this means that the TV will be able to broadcast content such as Netflix, Amazon instant video and so on.
  • Slim wall mount support.
  • Cable management- this gives you the option to hide the cables away, making it look a lot neater and tidy.
  • Voice control- you will be able to talk commands into the remote i.e. “Volume to 40”, “Netflix”, “Go to YouTube” etc.
  • Headphone socket – ideal for when you’ve just got the kids to sleep!
  • IR blaster- by having an IR blaster you will be able to control your set top box (for instance, a Freesat or Sky box) with the Sony TV remote that comes with the TV. This way you can minimalise the amount of controls you have on display on the coffee table.
  • Miracast- you will be able to cast any image or video you may have on your phone straight onto the big screen. You can basically turn your TV into a huge mobile/tablet.

The Sony KD49XE8004BU comes with four HDMI inputs and one optical input; this gives you more options as to what you can connect to your TV. The TV has also got Motionflow XR 100Hz built into it. This makes scenes more smooth, creates less judders and creates sharp images. Even when fast-paced scenes are happening the Sony KD49XE8004BU will always perform at its best and give you the best pictures. With its 3840X2160 resolution rate this gives this TV its stunning picture.

Smart services available on the Sony KD49XE8004BU are as follows;

  • Netflix
  • Google Play
  • PlayStation video
  • Demand 5
  • BBC iPlayer
  • ITV Hub
  • All 4
  • Amazon instant video
  • YouTube

Setting up the TV is nice and easy; the step-by-step step guide that comes up on the screen is very easy to understand. Once the TV is set up, it is simple to use to remote and you will quickly get used to the remote and learn how to use it.

Overall, the Sony KD49XE8004BU is a brilliant TV for those who likes to watch a bit of everything and for those who like to play games. It has a stunning picture with whatever you are watching with incredible detail. It is a stylish TV that will fit in with any décor in any room.

Buy the Sony KD49XE8004BU online or use our Click & Collect service to pick one up in your local store or ask your store about a demo and expert advice.