Review: Sony XG95 TV series 2019

Sony XG95 Header image

Guest blog by Phil,

The new Sony 2019 TVs have finally arrived and, with the release of a new series of tech, come some big changes.

Over the years, we have seen some big changes varying from big companies bringing out the 3D TV to the more recent times of the 4k TV. With this newest offering from Sony they have stuck to 4k resolution and boosted up the sound with the addition of Dolby Atmos. This change may seem small but it provides the big screen, cinematic feel in your very own home in a wide range of sizes from 55” to 85’’ screens depending on your room space.

Sony XG95 processor comparison

The remote itself is very easy and straightforward to use, with a clearly labelled button for Netflix for quicker access to the streaming service. This is especially handy as less and less people are relying on the more traditional TV sources such as Freeview and Sky and are more dependent on streaming services to fill their spare time. The Sony XG95 series also runs on an android system that supports Google Play services

The voice control feature on the remote is also a big game changer. It really comes into its own when you are searching for a particular film or TV show. Just click the designated button, say a simple word into the microphone and, like magic, it will appear on screen! All without that painstaking problem of remembering what channel it was on or going through the guide until you finally find it.

Sony 2019 XG95 series

Adapting to the ever-changing technological advancements of today, the Sony XG95 series uses an X1 ultimate processor to upscale the resolution to the highest possible standard and enable the TV to link to Alexa for added hands-free features.

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