Create Smart Sound with Architectural Speakers

Lifestyle image from Monitor Audio

We all love music, sitting back and listening to our favourite album or podcast! After all, it has the ability to uplift your mood and allows you to enjoy daily tasks so much more, but why do we have to litter surfaces with speakers and audio equipment?  We want the great sound but now we can build a fully immersive experience without the clutter.

Speakers now come in all manner of shapes, sizes and designs to suit every room.  Styles range from ceiling speakers that can be installed up high, providing a great spread of sound and filling a room with ease, to wall speakers that you can actually plaster over. Sound quality no longer needs to be compromised according to available space or interior design. With music streaming services and Bluetooth technology readily available, you don’t even need all of those unsightly boxes lying around on units and work surfaces as all of your favourite music is already in your hand.  The most exciting thing is that you are not restricted in your music anymore – great audio can be found wherever you want it.

Smart Architectural Speakers
Ceiling speakers are more discreet than regular smart speakers.

At Hughes Smart, we stock a huge array of brands that have solutions for the most complex of scenarios. This includes Monitor Audio’s full range of speaker solutions and brands like Lithe Audio which create wireless ceiling speakers that can even be powered by the lighting circuit.  Going forward with any project, there are many options to ensure that you don’t need huge boxes in the corner of each room.  High quality, design-led speakers are now key to the design of any room, heightening the level of enjoyment provided within the space whilst also adding a talking point for occasions where guests have come to stay.

Should you want traditional HiFi components, Hughes are still able to supply a large range of audio systems for all budgets and expectations to give you your music in the best way. With our help you can listen to your favourite tunes wherever you want it – even in the garden! 

No matter how you want your music to be heard, get in touch with your local experts at Hughes Smart and let us open your eyes and ears to the potential of today’s technology.