Review: Hoover DXH9A2DE 9kg Condenser Dryer

Hoover DXH9A2DE lifestyle image

Are you looking for a way of drying your clothes during the cold nights of winter without taking a mortgage out for the energy that a traditional tumble dryer would use? Then look no further than the Hoover DXH9A2DE condenser dryer for all of your laundry needs!

The Hoover DXH9A2DE dryer achieves an energy efficiency rating of A++ which, on average, costs less than half the amount to run when compared to a traditional condenser dryer. It does this by making use of a heat pump to reuse the hot air that is normally lost and recycle it back through the drum. Its generous 9kg capacity drum is large enough to fit your standard quilt, a set of curtains or a family’s weekly wash load. It should be noted that the Hoover DXH9A2DE needs to be used at room temperature to get optimal results.

Designed with your clothes in mind, the drum cushions the garments during the drying process to ensure that your favourite items last for longer. It also uses intelligent sensors to continuously monitor and tailor the drying process so that the cycle ends as soon as your clothes are dry. This helps you save energy and keep those utility bills down! What about if you want your clothes to be dry as soon as you come home from work? Well the Hoover DXH9A2DE can do that too, with a one to 23hr time delay.

The Hoover DXH9A2DE comes with an easy to reach ‘Aquavision’ water container located on the door portal so that you can easily see when it is time to empty the condensed water from your clothes. Alternatively, you can plumb in the Hoover DXH9A2DE to the waste pipe and allow all of the unwanted water to flow out with the sewage for an even easier emptying process.

Looking through the product specifications, it’s safe to say that Hoover haven’t skimped on features! The DXH9A2DE comes jam-packed with lots of high-tech additions that are designed to make drying your clothes a breeze. Why not just sit back and relax using the Hoover Wizard app on your Android NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet to program how you want your clothes to be dried. Any issues with the Hoover DXH9A2DE? Then just use the Hoover One Touch app to diagnose what is wrong, if it is something simple to sort or if an engineer is required to sort the problem.

If you like versatility, the Hoover DXH9A2DE has a wide range of programmes to suit every wash load. You can mix cottons and synthetics with the mixed wash function without worrying that you will ruin one of the two fabrics – saving both time and energy. For allergy sufferers, the Hoover DXH9A2DE comes with an anti-allergy programme that is specifically designed to remove dust mites and pollen from your laundry.

Overall, this is a great dryer with a myriad of programmes to ensure that your clothing always gets the care it needs to last. If you are still feeling a bit confused about your new purchase, decipher the jargon and clear the fog by looking at our buying guides, look online for full product specifications or visit your nearest Hughes store for a helpful chat with one of our team.