Trade Review: Matrix MHE002SS Built-In Hob

The Brand:

Matrix is owned by the Amica PLC Group which also owns CDA. As a direct result of this, they use the same accurate testing facilities with a reliable UK delivery system, customer call centre and savvy engineers to help support their many loyal customers. Amica PLC also has a nine-acre warehousing facility based in the midlands. This allows them to respond quickly to customer requirements, home deliveries and provide spare parts support. This brand is the perfect option for simple, stylish and affordable kitchen appliances, whether it’s for your first home or for use in a rental property.

The Hob:

The MHE002SS hob comes in a plain cardboard box, which reflects the fact that this hob is the entry level model of Matrix’s range. Once opened, you are presented with the installation manual and advice for regular maintenance. This provides all of the information your electrician will need but it should be noted that, although there are instructions in the manual for installation advice, the cutting out diagram on the Matrix website is much more clear. The manual comes alongside a booklet on the registration of purchase, fill this out and put it into the pre-addressed envelope (stamp needed) to receive your free two-year parts cover.

If one thing can be said about the MHE002SS hob, it is that the design is perfect in its simplicity. It features four solid plates and straight forward controls that are located to the right-hand side of the appliance. Just above the dials, you have a red power indicator light to let you know which ring is currently in use. The dials have a sophisticated alloy feel to them, making the hob feel much more expensive than it actually is, with each dial having a very positive feedback when you change the power settings. This leaves you in no doubt that the adjustments have been made.

Potential buyers will be pleased to know that the brand website is very easy to use and, most importantly, simple to navigate your way through to what you are looking for. It even helps you choose products by letting you know what will look good with the appliances you have chosen. You can then check on our Trade website to see what deals we can do for you!