WIN: BT Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi Triple Pack

BT Premium Whole Home WiFi

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Wi-Fi: it keeps us connected and opens up a world of entertainment and communication.  From connected smart homes, to streaming the latest blockbuster, gaming or Facetiming relatives at the other side of the world, our lives are better when we’re connected.  So, it’s no surprise that we feel annoyed and frustrated when it doesn’t do what we want and need it to do, when it’s not available in every room – or when there are so many devices connected that the strength is sapped and you have to wait half an hour to download a 20 minute video.  This week, one very lucky reader will wave a fond farewell to rooms without Wi-Fi as they will win a BT Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi triple pack!  Read on for more details and find out how you can be in with a chance of winning in this brilliant, FREE competition.

This BT Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi triple pack comprises three small discs that work together to create an invisible Wi-Fi network throughout your home and it’s safe to say it does what it promises. It delivers seamless, high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the home.  The vast majority of home routers have two bands for wireless signals but this BT Premium solution delivers tri-band Wi-Fi; this means you have a third high-speed signal that lets all your devices connect at the same time – and they stay connected, too.  Now everyone can enjoy a fast, uninterrupted connection, whether they’re streaming 4k video, gaming, downloading large files – or doing all of those things at the same time! 

These three clever discs automatically connect everyone to the fastest, strongest signal, no matter where in the home they are or what they’re doing. These discs ensure your whole home has seamless internet, so you can watch TV, films, stream music and play games on any device, in any room, with no dead zones or drop-outs. It also works with all broadband providers, so there’s no reason to switch, if you’re happy with your current internet provider.

Getting set-up couldn’t be simpler, too.  To start, download the Whole Home Wi-Fi app from the App Store or Google Play. Next, connect one disc to your router then follow the app guidance to place the other discs in the best locations around your home. After that, you connect all of your devices and settle back to enjoy the best Wi-Fi connectivity you’ve ever experienced!

The benefits of BT Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi extend to much more than connectivity; they’ve packed this system & app with some incredible features.  As well as being able to see who is online, what devices are connected and how much data has been used, you can effectively “pause” the internet.  Dinner ready?  With one tap, the internet is paused and you can enjoy mealtimes together, uninterrupted by devices. If you only want to pause it for the children (great for getting homework done and a must for bedtimes), its quick and simple to create schedules so individual users / devices get some time offline.

You can connect friends and family, too.  If you have got visitors round who want to get online – but without having to type in a sequence of numbers, letters and characters – then the BT Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi can help.   The guest network means no more searching for the Wi-Fi password as you can connect your guests by sharing details through the app. The guest network is completely secure, too, meaning you can see who is connected and block any devices you don’t recognise.

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