Sonos Play:1 Starter Pack


Do you stream music? Do you listen to the radio on your laptop? Do you download music and listen on your tablet? Do you listen to your carefully collected and curated albums on your ‘phone?

STOP! CEASE! DESIST! Lend me your (poor) ears…

Sonos-Play-1-Press-5-1280x994If you pay for music subscriptions or listen to your own collection through speakers on a laptop, mobile ‘phone or tablet you are NOT making the most of your music – or getting the best from it. If, like me, you love music and radio then believe my impassioned plea: GET AMAZING SPEAKERS!

Regular readers will know that I am a huge fan of Sonos speakers (read more here and here) for their style and quality. Add in to that their amazing software and the ease of use of their app really is child’s play (my nearly 5 year old can navigate to his playlist – but since that’s a weird mix of AC/DC and 80’s pop we’ve taken to hiding the app).

tp-success-en-usSonos is a smart system of Hi-Fi wireless speakers and audio components. It unites your digital music collection in one app that you control from any device. Whether you are already a Sonos owner, excited by the new Play:5 and Trueplay software, someone who pays for music subscription or someone who streams internet radio, you NEED Sonos.  Better yet, what a fantastic gift this would be for someone you love. Or you. I know what I’d do…

**THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED**  To find out more about Sonos and shop the whole Sonos range, just click here.