Boost Your Business with Smart Digital Signage

Examples of digital signage installed by Hughes

Marketing your business nowadays is so immersive and effortless via social media, but what about those customers who still come into your store, office, place of work, or wander past your shop front?  Standalone posters and wordy messages just don’t cut it anymore and that’s why we have invested in solutions to help your business showcase your offers in exciting new ways using digital signage.

Hughes Smart team install digital signage.
The installation in progress by our Hughes Smart team at ‘Sook’ in the Grafton Centre, Cambridge.

Having bright, eye-catching screens that clearly display your services, offers, and interactive imagery can really make you stand out from your competition and attract attention to your business like never before.  We have a wide range of solutions that can be tailored to you and are as interchangeable and adaptable as you want them. For example, you could be looking for a large-scale video wall to show off the latest sporting event on each screen and then change to smaller screens for multiple sources all at once.  Maybe you are looking for signage in your windows that can show your latest and best deals on the minute they arrive. It could even be that you want your food and drink offerings shown off in a super-efficient, bright and colourful way.  With digital signage panels and expert software, you can have whatever message you want, on whichever screen you want, whenever you want. 

Finished result of digital signage installed by Hughes Smart.
The finished result showcasing how digital signage can be used.

This set up can be fully managed by yourself or you can even use 3rd party services to help host your information for you. Marketing is no longer restricted to waiting for the person with the neatest handwriting to be on shift! Even better, pricing no longer has to be an issue with our digital signage solutions available to buy or rent in a low cost, monthly agreement. Move dynamically and keep up to date with the latest happenings in your marketing sector today.

Why delay? Contact Hughes Smart today to bring your business up to speed with our digital marketing solutions.