Review: Bosch Verocafe TES50221GB fully automatic coffee machine

Bosch TES50221GB Coffee Machine

The Bosch Verocafe TES50221GB is a fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine that is a stylish, intelligent and brilliant piece of kit which will cater to the lifestyle and whim of every coffee connoisseur.

With a range of features, no matter what your coffee of choice is, the Verocafe will produce barista-quality coffee every time. With its direct selection interface, selecting the strength, from mild to extra strong, and type of coffee you want, such as espresso or cafe crème, is as simple as turning the 2 rotary dials to your preferred choice and the Verocafe will do the rest.

There is a height adjustable coffee outlet that allows you to choose whatever drink takes your fancy in your favourite mug or tall macchiato glass.

Making coffee for two has never been simpler or quicker with the dual cup selection option, this allows you to place two cups under the dual nozzles and get the same hot drink at the same time.

The SensoFlow intelligent heater quickly heats the water to the precise temperature required for perfect flavour every time, using the exact amount of water required. If you also enjoy a milky, frothy coffee there is a separate milk frother right next to the coffee dispenser, ensuring that there is a perfect layer of extra fine poured milk on top of your favourite cappuccino or latte.

Bosch has guaranteed that the Verocafe will produce high quality coffee for up to 15,000 cups which works out to almost FOUR decades of your morning coffee; if you spend £2 – £3 a day on shop-bought coffee, this machine will give you the same great coffee – at a fraction of the cost!

If keeping your machine in top shape is a worry there is no need to as the built in Brita filter will prevent any scale deposits building up in your machine which can lead to breakdowns. The Verocafe will also automatically flush water through the milk frother and coffee brewing system after every use, so each cup will taste just as fresh as the last. For a deeper clean, the coffee machine has a calc clean option to remove any remaining limescale deposits and coffee residue, thus ensuring that your machine will last for years to come.

Overall, the Bosch Verocafe seems to have it all, with a coffee selection design which caters to a range of tastes, a milk frothing system that makes a great accompaniment to your coffee of choice and the cleaning features which will ensure that you can enjoy your coffee without worry of any machine mishaps. You can purchase the Bosch Verocafe TES50221GB coffee machine today, use our Click & Collect service to collect in as little as one hour or alternatively you can pop along to your local store and ask about a demo.