Tumble Dryer

When you haven’t got the time or indeed the sun to dry your clothes a tumble dryer is the must have. They speed up the drying process while giving you greater control over different fabrics. We have three core dryer types, condenser, heat pump and vented. The condenser tumble dryer allows you to have the appliance in a room without needing any extra modifications to the room. Water is gathered within the machine and must be emptied manually.

heat pump tumble dryer works similar to a condenser and does not require a ventilation hole. They recycle warm air within the machine and dry at lower heats compared to regular condensers. They are slightly slower than condensers but are more economical.

A vented tumble dryer works by forcing the warm air from the dryer from an external hose. The hose needs to be going out of a window or fitted through a hole in the wall.

As with many other household appliances we offer them in a number of colours, white graphite, silver and black tumble dryers. If you are also in need of a washing machine we have them too or if you need to save space you can view our washer dryers.

Businesses can also shop our range of commercial appliances with heavy-duty tumble dryers thoroughly tested to withstand constant use and larger wash loads.