Review: Sony HTSD35 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

Recently, I obtained a new Sony HTSD35 soundbar to work alongside my Sony television. I’ve always found that Sony products are reliably well packaged and sturdy with a good bit of weight behind it – which is always a good sign for a speaker. As expected, it comes with the required power cables but, using a HDMI cable, it can easily be connected via the ARC port. This is really easy with very little work or effort needed. Especially with the subwoofer being wireless, so you don’t have to worry about wiring it into the soundbar.

Watching a film, you can see how the Sony HTSD35 soundbar handles the constant diversity of sound levels from scene to scene. It pushes the sound to every corner of the room with virtual surround sound technology, creating a truly immersive experience while not losing out on the speech. This 2.1ch soundbar, with its 320 watt output, succeeds its expectations and promises to please. The subwoofer levels may need a little bit of tweaking but it does tend to be spot on during action scenes. It’s safe to say that Sony can sit back and relax with confidence in their latest audio product.

Feeling rather confident with its performance, it was then tested on its audio quality during music playback. With a simple press of the bluetooth button on the remote, it connects to nearby smartphones/compatible technology with ease and a minimal waiting time. Trying a selection of artists and styles of music, it effortlessly navigates and handles the deep bass lines and high peaks.

Overall, I can say I’m very happy with my choice having gone from a much larger 5.1 style system with lots of cables to this nice new sleek Sony HTSD35 soundbar. It is most definitely something I would recommend to my family and friends.