Review: Sony XG9005BU 4K UHD Smart LED TV

Sony XG90 adds to the atmosphere in a lovely living room set up

Guest blog by Liz,

The Sony XG9 series is a great TV in many ways and is a go-to for many who may want an affordable option.  Popular with many Android users, the picture quality is wonderful and the series utilizes a perfectly functional menu system, making it quite an attractive offer. The improved processing power makes for a delightful upgrade from the slower systems of last year, although admittedly still not as simplistic as the effortless LG and Samsung menus.

Introducing the highly esteemed “X-tended Dynamic Range 6x” technology, the Sony XG9005BU series does not hold back when it comes to new advancements. The upgrade in colour quality is a substantial step up from previous models and results in a premium quality image with rich, realistic colours for a fraction of the price you would usually expect.

Sony TV’s (from the 8 series onwards) come with Google Assistant built in, making it a great set for those who have taken advantage of the low price voice controlled technology. The highest model of the Sony XG9005BU series also has the “Premium Smart Voice Remote” with hands free voice search and “Acoustic Multi-audio”, however this wouldn’t give you the quality or emersion that a reasonable soundbar would give.

As for the availability and selection of downloadable apps, the only absence of any real significance is that of Now TV. This supplies its users with Sky content that is only available with bigger TV packages for subscription-free streaming. However, this TV does have Chromecast built-in, so it is possible to cast Now TV from your phone or tablet.

The new remote that comes with the larger-sized screens is very clean and simple. Removing the clutter from last year and the smaller models from the range, it makes for a much more modern design.

Sony XG9005BU TV stock image.

Sony created the XG9005BU series with a backlit panel that, as any enthusiast could tell you, results in a much more appealing set up. If you couple this with the added “Dual Database Processing” for clean, sharper up-scaling of content and the addition of HDR10, you start to get a lot more for your money. Having Alexa compatibility is also a big plus, as its growing popularity is making a lot of people appreciate when products complement and work with each other.

Something that is also worth a mention is that, with modern TV’s, not many have a 3.5mm headphone socket but this one is an exception. Yes, the XG9 series still holds true to those who may want to plug in headphones! It may surprise a few people but we do still get this question in-store from time to time and not having it can be a real deal breaker.

It’s important to note that standard definition channels are very well scaled on the Sony XG9 series – no matter what size you go for! The noise and distortion are limited so nicely that if you’re watching a non-HD channel or an old home movie, the image stays at a good quality. This product also comes in handy with its great compatibility with USB devices. Just plug in a portable hard drive of up to 2TB for easy recording of your favourite TV shows and films.

In essence, the Sony XG9005BU is a good quality, affordable improvement from last year’s models and will more than likely be made more attractive by its included 5-year guarantee. If you’re looking for a high quality TV for a reasonable price with Google and Android connectability… then this is the one for you. Find out more on our website or visit your nearest store for a chat with our friendly team of experts.