Review: Teac TN300B Belt Drive Analogue Record Player with USB Output

Guest blog by Luke,

With the welcome return of the vinyl in recent years there has been a resurgence of the once-humble vinyl album as one of the most popular mediums for listening to and owning music. If you want to join in, you will need some vinyl and one other vital thing… a record player.

Here at Hughes we have an extensive range of audio-related technology such as speakers and HiFi Systems, but we also have a wide range of record players big and small!

We focus on one of our popular players in store, introducing the TEAC TN300B. The company Teac was founded in 1953, being one of the older and established audio companies globally in recent years. They are well known for manufacturing Hi-Fi systems, portable systems and speakers, also in this case record players. The TN300B is a current model in Teac’s Vinyl range and probably one of the better players in our stock range at Hughes for a lower budget price. Retailing here for a solid and reasonable price of £249, you receive a high grade built machine. Not convinced? Let me talk you through it!

The player appears in a nice glossy black finish, which can perfectly fit in any environment whatever colour the room is, the slick and glossy design also creating a neat, professional and visually impressive appearance, being comparable to a new shiny sports car. To compliment the paint work, the player also has a high grade plastic top attached, which does not hinder the appearance at all and protecting your player from being clogged up with dust when not in use.

This item can also be fully programmed too for your listening needs, the player has two dials: one for tempo speeds to adjust EP / Vinyl sizes and give you the best quality of whatever you are listening to, and a start and stop dial for ease of use when pausing, starting or changing your vinyl.

As mentioned above, Teac’s build quality is absolutely commendable. The tone arm is sturdy and made with a high grade carbon fibre metal, this is all supported using an ‘anti skating’ balance weight build onto the arm to prevent tracking issues and unexpected skipping while listening to your vinyls, giving you smooth playback. The arm can also be locked in place for when you are finished to prevent unnecessary damages to the arm. The arm also holds a high grade needle cartridge with diamond tips, for long lasting performance and delivering high quality sound (clarity of vocals and high and bold quality of instruments) and supporting the smooth and full on musical experience that the arm is creating, with this diamond needle you will not miss any details of the music you are listening to!

The TN300B can be used on most audio systems by plugging the vinyl player in via phono (the red and white connectors) and can even be used on Windows PC and Mac devices giving users the opportunity to transfer the vinyl content to a computer device for digital listening, this is done via the usb connection. All inputs and power button can be found at the rear of the player.

In terms of personal opinions, I have a Teac Vinyl player at home, I have had this now for over two years and I get a lot of enjoyment out of it, with not a single issue at all! I listen to a range of music spanning from Rock, R&B, Urban and Soundtracks and so much more, and the quality on these players help create a brilliant experience when listening to music! With their high quality build and ease of use, you cannot go wrong. And for £249, you are grabbing yourself a great deal!

This item is on display at our shop at Mason Road in Norwich, you can pop in and have demonstration of this player and have a listen for yourself! We have vinyls ready for demos, or if you want to bring your own in feel free to do so! This product is also available to buy online or use our click and collect service to pick up from your nearest store within one hour of ordering.