Trade Review: Philips 49HFL5011T Professional TV Panel

Guest blog by Karl, Business Rental specialist

First look

When I saw the Philips box, the first thing I noticed was the wording “Professional Panel”; you start to wonder what does this TV have or do that makes it “professional.” I opened the box and the first thing I spotted was a silver metal pedestal (not like the plastic ones you tend to get with most domestic TVs) the TV has a lovely thin silver bezel, making it look it has a high end quality finish.

The most important thing on any television is picture quality – can the Philips perform to the same level – if not better – than the domestic televisions we also supply? I can certainly say that once I tuned the TV in to Freeview, the Full HD 200Hz LED panel certainly lived up to expectations. The colours were vibrant and the picture sharp.


We have recently installed a substantial amount of these TVs for a large residential home group. Our local engineers went out to the property to wall-mount all of the TVs and set them up with the professional settings. This allowed the company to automatically update their latest menu choices of the day and detail the classes that they had going on that week. This was all done from a central location at a touch of a button.

As part of the business rental department, I have also rented 9 of the 32” version of this Phillips TV to a very popular local pub and B&B – The Dabbling Duck. The requirement was to upgrade the existing television range of basic Freeview sets to a better equipped model. Having the HFL5011T will now allow them to display a unique welcome message for each customer in every room. Menu choices and local activities can also be displayed to every TV allowing the customers to have a complete offering of that business and the local surroundings. It also offers a fantastic picture quality of a Full HD LED panel.

These Philips TVs offer 2 main types of installation:

  • Basic install
    This allows the product to be used as just a TV. You will have access to Freeview HD and smart TV functions.
  • Professional install

This will allow for fast, efficient content install with a master remote (supplied separately).

You can ‘clone’ one TV to a USB stick and then place that USB in all other TV’s with no need to do a full install, thereby saving a huge amount of setup time and while simultaneously ensuring that every set is installed the same way.

From there, you can access the CMND content management program. This will allow you to be able to link and make changes to all TVs remotely from a single device (desktop or laptop) – you can instantly put a welcome message to a customer booking into a room, display your homepage or even show menu options etc. We can even work with you to help design bespoke pages; troubleshooting can also be worked into a rental package with the TV.

Philips TV

Key Features

This TV offers a wide range of features specially designed for the hospitality and care sector.

CMND and Create

This feature will allow you to provide the specific information you want to give your customers. If you have a hotel you can add unique touches like sending a welcome message to your customer as they enter their room from a centralised location. At the click of a button you can instantly change content on one or all of your TVs.

Android operating system

With Android running on this TV you’ll enjoy a faster, richer and guest-friendly interface.

The easy to navigate menu will give you direct links to your favourite apps that you can personally decide what to have.

Hotel Mode

  • Joystick control lock
  • Menu lock
  • Volume limitation

Healthcare Mode

  • Multi- remote control
  • Healthcare RC compatible
  • Nurse call system compatible

Philips 49hfl5011t


The 49HFL5011T is a great solution to providing a high quality TV with amazing picture quality but also being able to maximise incremental services. The ease of use and one point of full range control will allow you as a business owner to maintain a high level of standards and additional revenue income from a simple easy layout. This is ideal for hotels, B&B’s, care homes and student accommodation. This is a well presented reliable premium product I would be more than happy to rent or sell to my customers. It certainly justifies the wording as a truly professional panel.

The model is available in multiple sizes from 24”-55” and Hughes Trade can supply and do custom installs for all business types or needs, and you can of course choose to rent or buy.

Find out more online, visit our hospitality TV spotlight page, apply for a trade account, find details about trade rental or ask your local Hughes Trade branch for more information.

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