Liebherr WKB1812

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It shocked me to learn that there was an investment product that increased its value, over a five year period, by more than 160%; can you guess what it may be? The clue is in the competition but well done if you went with wine, rather than bricks ‘n mortar, gold or saffron. Admittedly it is no £4 plonk, but a £690 case of Petit Mouton 2011 would now be worth around £1,831 – a whopping 165% return! The winner of our latest competition will be able to invest in wines and store them to perfect maturation or make the most of the incredible supermarket wine deals, and store their favourite wines at the perfect serving temperature with a Liebherr Wkb 1812 Vinothek wine cabinet, worth £1099!

The Liebherr WKB1812 Vinothek wine cabinet is an A+ Energy rated wine cooler fridge that will hold a maximum of 66 x 750ml wine bottles (usual wine bottle size). With a temperature range from +5C to +20C you can perfectly store all wines, sparkling wines and even champagne.

To help your wine mature to the optimum quality it is important that the tannins are able to settle. Naturally produced by plants, tannins get into the juice by way of grape skins, seeds and stems. Tannins also act as antioxidants and help preserve wine from the ravages of air. As wine ages in the bottle, the tannins soften. Liebherr has developed exceptionally low-vibration compressors to minimise even the slightest vibrations to your wine – great news for wine investors.

Liebherr’s focus on the quality of wine maturation doesn’t stop there. UV light can damage maturation process of your wine and so, to mitigate the effect of solar radiation, Liebherr wine cabinets use a special UV-resistant glass so you can enjoy the sight of your wine selection without fear of impairing their flavour.

Liebherr WKB1812 Bottles

There’s an external digital temperature display that allows you to precisely control and monitor the temperature and a VERY useful bit of child-proofing means that you can program the child lock function to stop the appliance being inadvertently turned off. There is also an audible warning sound if the door is left open.

There are 3 shelves and a double glazed door as well as an interior light and fan, the WKB1812 also has an activated charcoal filter to ensure optimal air quality.

If you’re not a collector but – like me – an aficionado who prefers to drink wine rather than look at it, this is the perfect chiller. Taking advantage of supermarket 25% off deals and wine club offers has often meant storing wine in under stairs cupboards then hastily chucking it in the freezer for half an hour before serving; the Liebherr Wkb 1812 wine cabinet allows you to store your wines at the perfect serving temperature – I’ll drink to that!

We have one brilliant Liebherr Wkb 1812 Vinothek wine chiller to give away to one lucky winner; to find out more and to be in with a chance of winning just head to just head to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages to find out how you can enter our brilliant FREE competition.

You can also buy online, ask your local store about a demo or view our Liebherr range online.

[This competition has now ended and is no longer open for entries. To find out about our latest competitions, please visit our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages.]