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We’ve teamed up with the lovely folks at Bose to bring a prize that will make one lucky winner very happy, and have their friends clamouring to prove their adoration! This week, our competition will see the winner received TWO pairs of Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones – one set for you and one set for a friend. Read on to find out more and discover how you can enter our free competition.

These are truly wireless headphones: there are no wires connecting the two earbuds. With no wires, there’s no stopping you; push your workout to the next level with headphones that are packed with technology. Designed and engineered to stand-out but stay put, the Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones stay in place.   The part of the headphone that sits inside your ear is called a ‘nozzle’ and Bose has created StayHear+ Sport tips for the nozzle. StayHear+ Sport tips have a unique umbrella-shape that creates a gentle seal at the start of the ear canal, and then the outer part (the ‘fin’) perfectly contours to the upper ridge. What this means, in essence, is that these headphones don’t need to wrap around your ear to stay put and they’re incredibly comfortable, too. at the entrance of the ear canal.

Bose has packed their earbuds with plenty of tech; they’ve finely tuned the circuits for improved sound and even tweaked the antenna position for maximum Bluetooth® signal strength. Say goodbye to strapping your phone to your arm or working out within a foot of your phone to ensure you stay connected – these headphones play consistently whether your phone is in your hand, your back pocket, strapped to your arm or perched atop the treadmill. Generally speaking, you’ll get great connectivity if your phone is within 30ft of where you’re working out.

Bose has been working on the engineering that drives the performance of their headphones for decades, so energise and drive your athletic performance with the incredible sound quality Bose is renowned for. The volume-optimised equaliser and Bose’s digital signal processing will make your music sound full and balanced, no matter what volume it’s at.

Sweat, without sweating it. Bose has used a water-repellent mesh across the open ports to ensure what’s on the inside stays dry and functional (this does mean you can’t blame the rain for dodging your run!) The IPX4 rating means that the earbuds are water-resistant to sweat and rain.

The Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones also come with a charging case. Not only will your headphones be protected as you head to the gym, they’ll be charging, too! From a single charge, the earbuds will play for up to five hours – enough playback for even the toughest workout! When you’ve finished, just pop them back in their case to recover. It’ll provide two additional full charges (giving you up to 10 hours battery life) to keep them ready to go again – even if you’re not and just want to relax on the journey home. Short on time? A quick 15-minute charge will give you an impressive 45 minutes of battery life.

If you’ve misplaced an earbud, don’t fret: the Bose Connect app has got your back. The Bose Connect app helps you track down an errant earbud if you’ve misplaced one. And that’s just the beginning; with the Bose Connect app you can manage your Bluetooth connections easily and switch between devices when you want.

Peak power from your headphones = peak performance in your workout. Available in three colours, the Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones are possibly the only gym buddy you’ll need!

We have not one, but TWO pairs of the brilliant Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones to give away to one lucky winner; to find out more and to be in with a chance of winning just head to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages to find out how you can enter our brilliant FREE competition.

You can also buy online, use our Click & Collect service to collect from your local store in as little as one hour or ask your local store about viewing our Bose range.

[This competition has now ended and is no longer open for entries. To find out about our latest competitions, please visit our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages.]