Review: Beko WTG620M1W 6kg Load Washing Machine

Beko WTG620M1W

When choosing a washing machine, you suddenly find yourself surrounded by so many different models promising to do so many different things, it can often be seen as daunting to whittle down and choose the machine that is right for you….

So, if you’re overwhelmed by choice but want a decent, reliable, reasonably priced washer then look no further than the Beko .

The Beko WTG620M1W is a 6KG 1200 spin A+++ energy rated machine that oozes simplicity. It also one of the slimmest depth machines on the market measuring just 415mm deep, perfect for when space is limited!

Programmes are selected by a large ergonomic dial in the centre of the control panel. To the right of that you can alter the spin, apply a time delay and start/pause the programme.

The detergent drawer is composed of three compartments: one for prewash, one for the main wash and one for softener. The drawer is easily removed for cleaning by pressing the indicated point on the siphon in the softener department and pulling the drawer outwards.

On the front of the machine in the bottom right hand corner, there is access to the drain pump. The drain pump prevents solid items such as buttons and coins from clogging the pump impeller when the machine is discharging the wash water. Here you will also find an emergency draining hose.

So, what programmes does this machine have? Well, with 15 programmes to choose from you can be sure of a programme to suit your needs. Standard programmes are featured, such as Cottons and Synthetics. There is even a cotton wash complete with a prewash – perfect for stubborn stains.

One programme that is well worth an individual mention – and its weight in gold – is the Daily Quick programme. Designed for lightly-soiled cotton clothes not only is it quick as its name suggests at just 28 minutes but it is a 6kg wash. That’s a full load of up to 30 shirts!

There is also a hand wash programme which is perfect for taking care of any woollens or delicates, washing them as gently as if you’d washed them by hand.

The down wear programme is specifically designed for any machine washable clothes containing feathers; thanks to the special spinning profiles in this programme, it ensures that water reaches all the air gaps in the feathers.

Due to varying factors such as washing machines being cold fill, hard water issues, hygiene and energy efficiency to name a few, it has never been more important to clean your washing machine regularly. Cleaning your machine will enable you to get the cleanest, most hygienic and most energy-efficient wash possible. Beko has recognised this and included a drum clean programme; for maximum benefit simply perform this cycle regularly (once every 1-2 months) on an empty cycle, ideally with a limescale remover.

There is also a rinse programme and a spin and drain programme which is ideal for any clothes that have been hand washed.

Once you have selected your programme, it can then be tailored to your individual requirements. The spin of the selected programme can be reduced from the default but never increased. Also on the spin selection you have the option for a rinse hold. This would be used if you are not going to empty the machine immediately after the programme finishes. Rinse hold keeps the laundry in the final rinsing water to prevent them from wrinkling. When you are ready to empty the machine, simply press the start/pause button and the programme will resume, the water will drain, the laundry will then be spun and the programme will end.

If you wish to delay the start of the programme, this can be delayed for up to 3, 6 or 9 hours. Once you have the desired delay time, simply press the start/pause button and the machine will start at the end of the selected time period.

If you have little children who like playing with buttons and dials, do not fear for this machine is equipped with a child lock. Just hold the spin and time delay buttons together for three seconds until the ‘child lock enabled’ LED light flashes and- voila – the child lock is activated. To deactivate, simply repeat the procedure if a programme is running. If the programme is not running, you can turn the programme selection knob to the on/off position, select another programme and this will also deactivate the lock.

All in all, the Beko WTG620M1W certainly ticks a lot of the boxes that busy households need and with a great price tag, finance AND rental options, we’re sure to have the right deal for you. Buy online today, use our Click & Collect service to collect in as little as one hour, rent for just £3.69 per week or pop into your local store for great customer service and advice.