Review: Samsung Q900R 8K QLED TV

Samsung Q900R lifestyle image

Samsung is once again leading the charge in the UK for the latest in technology and innovation. With the launch of their new flagship television, the QE65Q900RA, Samsung has once again not only redefined how we watch our favourite movies and shows, but also what we can now expect from a television.

The biggest selling point for this television is the fact that it features an 8K resolution. This technology gives four-times the pixel count of a 4K set – giving an unrivalled level of fine detail! It really is impressive. When watching the demo footage in store, customers can see the individual hairs of a golden retriever and the scurrying of ants on the pavement. Although Sky and other sources only currently show up to 4K footage, this TV can effortlessly enhance these images to a quality fitting the 8K moniker.

Q900R promo image

With unrivalled picture clarity and supreme AI upscaling, this TV has to be one of the best viewing experiences money can buy today. The 8K processor found only in the Q900R is the beating heart of this television. Alongside Samsung’s QLED technology, this TV becomes a powerhouse that elevates your favourite content to new heights. Another key benefit of the QE65Q900RA is that it boasts 100% colour volume for a realistic, true-colour display. Providing that “real life” feeling when you watch blockbuster films and award-winning TV shows for the ultimate immersive experience! From the vivid sunrises of the Sahara Desert to the murky depths of the ocean, see the natural world like never before with upscaled clarity, detail and colour.

To allow your television to look its best with your home decor, Samsung has included its new ‘Ambient Mode’ feature on board the Q900R. Simply take a photo of the wall behind the television, upload it with an app, and it will be displayed instead of a big blank screen when in standby. It can even give useful information such as the time, date, weather and news headlines. You can also use your new set to show off your own photos by using Ambient Mode to display them on their own, in a pair, or in a group of up to eight pictures.

Q900R realistic imagery

With Samsung’s advanced smart hub, you’ll never feel at a loss for something to watch! It boasts a huge array of different apps that will keep you and the family entertained for hours and hours. With a huge variety of different content available and both Freesat and Freeview built into the television; you’ll be able to summon up your favourite content in a few clicks of a button. Thankfully, the Q900R also offers an easy to use interface so you can find and use all of your favourite apps like Netflix, Amazon Video and BBC iPlayer. If a few clicks seems like too much effort, simply press the microphone button at the top of the Samsung smart remote, say what channel you want to watch or the app you are looking for, and the QE65Q900RA will take you straight to it. You can also control many other aspects of your television simply by using the smart remote’s voice control feature.

To summarize, this set will give you unrivalled definition, colour accuracy and easy access to content from many sources with little effort. What’s not to love? I would definitely recommend taking a look in your nearest store if you are in the market for a new TV or check it out online. You can also use our refined click and collect service for a potential pick up as early as one hour after ordering from a store near you.