While domestic products are acceptable in most scenarios… sometimes they just don’t cut it. Chosen for their compliance, quality and volume, our range of commercial grade units are a smart upgrade for your business.

 Available to buy or rent, we provide a wide range of heavy duty and commercial products from trusted, well-known brands. These are usually 100% tax deductible and it avoids any level of capital outlay. If you need heavy-duty or commercial products for your business, then get in touch! We can provide helpful advice with a no-obligation quotation.

Commercial catering

Catering is a popular product group and is just as diverse. Cooking, heating and display appliances are ready and waiting to complete your kitchen. This includes microwaves, bain-marie’s, grills and warmers alongside more unusual items like dough mixers and pie warmer cabinets.

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Commercial vacuums

Lots of vacuum cleaners claim to be heavy duty but few models actually are. We deal with top commercial brands that make specialist vacuums for every kind of detritus so that your floors can be kept spotless with the world’s favourite commercial uprights being kept in stock around the clock.

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Commercial TVs & signage

We supply both heavy duty and commercial TV screens for businesses that need outdoor, high security or specialist use sets like hotel TVs. Digital signage is becoming very popular too, we carry it all from the biggest brands like LG, Samsung and Philips - all installed by our professional crews.

Commercial microwaves

An essential for all professional kitchens, we offer a wide range of top branded commercial and semi-commercial microwaves. Commercial models are designed to work hard with high power and rapid cooking times but often also offer easier to clean flat bases, larger capacities and steel construction.

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Commercial refrigeration

We carry commercial refrigeration in a plethora of options: glass fronted, silent operation, bedroom mini fridges, walk-in, built under, huge chests and of course ‘standard’ high-quality refrigeration appliances. We have a total of 1001 fridges and freezers in a variety of styles and sizes.

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Commercial laundry

We carry heavy-duty washers and dryers but operators of on-premise laundries and commercial dishwashers should contact our sister company WashCo who are the second largest UK operator and the biggest Miele Professional dealer in the UK. They are also an importer of Alliance, the biggest producer worldwide.

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