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The Hughes Hunstanton branch and its staff stand ready to assist in the amazing (albeit sometimes confusing) world of consumer electronics.

Our 4 staff members posses an unsurpassed knowledge of the products that we sell every day that has been built upon years of supporting our local community, helping visitors, supplying our neighbouring businesses and travelling miles across the country to get specialist one-to-one training with our manufacturers on their products. Our Hunstanton team has cumulative background of nearly 100 years of electrical retailing.

We've been witness to the colour TV entering our lives, the switch from 5 channels (if you were lucky) to having over 50 since the digital switch over. We have watched Betamax and the good ol' VHS tape battle it out only to make way eventually to the DVD and then for HDDVD and Blu-ray to repeat the cycle again over who would be the dominant format. The CRT telly was replaced by Plasma and LCD and now LED. Yet once again we find ourselves in a new era…

The internet is now long established and has given us Smart TVs that can browse the web and catch-up TV services, like BBC iPlayer and 4oD as well as numerous streaming companies like Amazon Prime Time and Netflix and allows you chat to friends on Facebook, Twitter and Skype all while you watch your favourite programmes. Internet radios offering 1000's of stations, and you can even stream music wirelessly around your home – and control it with the phones and tablets that we carry in our hands.

Looking further ahead, 4K ultra HD is rapidly entering our lives, OLED TV's look to shake up the market and washing machines that talk to our mobiles may well be what arrives in our increasingly “smart” homes. Whatever happens, we make it our mission to support you and your purchase in the best way possible by doing what we've always done: offering today's products combined with traditional backup, support, patience and understanding. We know that today's market is full of gadgets and products which is why as far as we’re concerned there is no such thing as a silly question. If you have any questions regarding what we offer just give us a ring, pop in to see us, send us an email or Tweet us @hunstantonshop

The shop is located in the heart of Hunstanton seaside town centre in the newly refurbished town High Street which offers free parking for up to 45 minutes right on our doorstep. There are also several parking spots along the street allocated for disabled drivers. If you're collecting items, don't worry if you can't get outside the door, we’re more than happy to take them further up the road.

The shop itself features a wide variety of computing products including the popular Apple iPad which we carry the option to buy or rent. We also stock a large variety of android tablets ranging from basic use to higher specification and also Windows tablets and laptop computers all ready for you to try.

Our TV section includes a fantastic selection of various sizes and brands, from LG, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba and many others. Each offer their own unique features and picture quality so feel free to ask for a demonstration; we always have HD, 3D and smart TV models available. We also have in one of the impressive new Samsung 2014 curved TV's for you to see. We have plenty of products to complement our TV's including stands racks, wall mounting brackets, blu ray players, recorders and various leads and cables to connect it all up. We can also offer aerial and satellite installations and servicing.

We are also the local Sky agent so whether you are a customer who's new to Sky and wants to discuss it in a more relaxed environment or an existing customer looking to upgrade let us know we can offer Sky TV, Broadband and ‘phone services..

Music and audio products including the increasingly popular soundbars/bases, hi-fi systems, radios, portable speakers and the fantastic Sonos wireless system all ready for you to pop in and familiarise yourself with. We have a selection of demo tracks for you to listen to but you are more than welcome to bring your own CD's, iPod, ‘phone, mp3 player (tapes too if you still have your cassette collection and audio books) with you to listen to your own collection.

Our expanded free-standing kitchen appliance range features the ever important washing machines from basic models to top of the line Miele products. For the wet winter days and occasionally damp British summer we offer vented, condenser and even spin dryers!

We have a good selection of vacuum cleaners ranging from compact cylinder to powerful Dyson and Miele cleaners. Pop in and feel the weight of them, see how they work. We stock suitable bags for our bagged cleaner range to make sure you don't struggle at a later date. Just be mindful of your feet when you pop in, sometimes there's a Roomba robot vacuum doing its rounds around the shop floor – we get more time to chat & help!

We currently only display electric cookers but we can supply gas cookers and special order from an extensive range direct from manufacturers, from small cookers right up to the Rangemaster brand.

So, whether you've come to the beach for the day and forgotten your mobile charger, decided that the time has come to update your TV, come home with the shopping to find your fridge is no longer running or perhaps just want to catch up on exactly what the latest tech is, pop in store and find friendly, reliable advice with internet prices in store; our Hunstanton shop’s where it’s been for more than three decades!

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