Our installation services

We know that getting a new TV or appliance is always exciting and we want to do everything we can to help. With our very own expertly trained engineers, we can’t wait to get you all set up and ready to go with your new items. Providing speedy installs for your new laundry and kitchen appliances, we offer our customers the full package from next day deliveries to installations and removals of old, washed-up technology.

Installations are only available for the following categories:
• Washing Machines
• Washer Dryers
• Dishwashers

This does not include refrigeration appliances, gas cookers or vented dryers. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0371 231 3113.

To get the premium service and successful installation you deserve, please make sure that all existing pipework is suitable for connection and that the pipework and working area are easily accessible for your installation team. If any alterations or extensions need to be made to accommodate the installation of your new appliance, please make sure this is done prior to your delivery or your installation will sadly not be able to go ahead.

Online purchases

Our online customers can get set up in record time by adding installations to their order for just £30 on freestanding washing machines, washer dryers and dishwashers. For this service, any old appliances need to be disconnected and free of any ice and water (if applicable) prior to delivery. We also offer a disconnection service on selected items for a small additional cost - if available, this can be selected at checkout.

If a connection service is selected, this is on domestic appliances only and is for connection to adjacent and available services (in line with manufacture instructions). This service doesn’t include hard wiring or testing. Please be aware that if a jubilee clip is required, this will need to have been purchased prior to delivery as the crew do not carry these on them.

Freestanding laundry & dishwashers

We can’t make the cleaning any less of a bore, but our great range of home appliances are designed to fit with your needs and budget. For just £30, we can make getting your new washing machine or dishwasher installed safely in your home truly effortless. Why not let our expert installers connect your new appliance in your home, while you sit back and relax?

Our installation service includes:

✓ Our expert 2-man installation team will carefully unpack your product.

✓ We will connect your product safely (subject to existing utilities).

✓ We can even take away your old appliance for recycling, so you don’t need to worry about how to dispose of it (chargeable).

In-store purchases (local deliveries)

We offer several different home installation and set-up services for local Hughes customers so that you can tailor the package to exactly what you need. We provide different levels of set-up to ensure that your new product is safely and correctly installed and ready to go. We carry out these services in your home at the time your product is delivered, meaning that as soon as we leave, you can fully use your product. Leave the worry of installation and set up to us and enjoy all the amazing technology Hughes has available!

Disconnection of your old appliance - £12.00

Another add-on service, we are happy to disconnect your old appliance so that you don’t have to! If available, this will display as a payable extra at the checkout. These disconnection services are only available for an appliance, like-for-like, with the appliance being delivered and doesn’t include the WEEE disposal of the old model.

For us to do our best work, please ensure that all fixtures and fittings are in good working order (i.e. no ceased taps) or we may not be able to complete this for you. If you still need the disconnection service but you need to sort your fixtures and fittings first, please reject the delivery and rearrange once the work is complete. If you accept the delivery, the crew will not be able to return to complete the services at a later date. If you no longer need the booked disconnection service - please continue to accept your delivery.