LG Washing Machines

Get the most out of your clothes and browse through our selection of LG washing machines. Leaders in laundry appliances, LG washers provide the highest levels of care for your garments with TurboWash 360 and steam technology regularly featuring in their amazing products.

Sanitise your clothes and give them a thorough clean in less than 40 minutes with their variety of programmes, giving you the ability to tailor the wash to your needs.

They have also created smart washing machines that are WiFi-connected and can be controlled from your smart devices.

Ideal for a busy day, you can start your wash while on the go and return home to fresh laundry ready for the dryer.

If this wasn’t enough, LG’s Inverter Direct Drive tailors the motion of the drum to your wash load by carefully weighing and detecting the softness of the fabric. This ensures an optimal performance every time with significantly less chance of damage.