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Qed QE6101 Performance Audio 2 RCA to RCA 1m
  • Feature 1: Loudspeaker Cable

  • Feature 2: RCA to RCA

  • Feature 3: 1M Connection

  • Feature 4: Audiophile

Vivanco Fax/Modem TAE N Plug to RJ12 Plug 10 Metre Lead
  • Feature 1: Miscellaneous

  • Feature 2: 10m Telephone Cable

  • Feature 3: Suitable for all modems

  • Feature 4: Fully connected

CYP AU-D4 Coaxial/Optical Digital Audio Converter
  • Feature 1: Analogue To Digital Converter

  • Feature 2: Amplifies Digital Optical

  • Feature 3: 48kHz Output Sampling Rate

  • Feature 4: Noise Free Transmission

CYP AU-D41 4 Way Digital Audio Switcher
  • Feature 1: 4x Optical Input

  • Feature 2: 1x Optical Output

  • Feature 3: Up to 24bit Resolution

  • Feature 4: Low Power Consumption

CYP AU-D3-192 Digital Audio to Stereo Audio Converter
  • Feature 1: Easy to Install

  • Feature 2: Digital Audio Left/Right Stereo

  • Feature 3: Accepts 16 or 24 bit

  • Feature 4: Supports Stereo Signals

Tech Link 710973 Gold Banana Plugs Pack of 4
  • Feature 1: Banana Plugs

  • Feature 2: Gold Plated

  • Feature 3: Pack of 4

  • Feature 4: Part of the Wiresnx2 Series

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The key to great equipment, we have a wide range of audio leads and cables to suit all of your electrical needs.

Whether you need a stereo jack plug, a digital audio to stereo audio converter or an optical cable, we have a lead for every appliance.

Put your trust in us and browse our collection of leads from Belkin, Peerless, Sonos, Vivanco and Tech Link among many more. 

Afterall, where would we be without an aux cable to bring our favourite devices to life?