Review: Bose Home Speaker 300

Guest blog by Terry,

Bose have always specialised in speakers that create fantastic, room-filling results and the Bose Home Speaker 300 is no different! Using a single, downwards-facing speaker, it creates a 360-degree projection of sound, allowing you to place it in the centre of the room for everyone to enjoy the same high-quality experience.

The Bose Home Speaker 300 provides you with multiple ways to enjoy your music from the standard Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Apple Airplay options to numerous streaming services. This includes everyone’s favourites such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music and Tune-in Radio. Don’t forget, you can also use the built-in Bluetooth to stream any audio sourced directly to your handheld smart devices. This could even be the sound from a movie or your favourite YouTube channel. 

Bose have managed to provide a deep bass and lifelike sound in a product that is only 14.2cm wide and 10.2 cm deep, allowing the speaker to fit easily on a shelf or bedside unit. Design-wise, Bose have chosen a stylish and high-quality aesthetic with seamless aluminium housing that is versatile enough to suit any room décor.

With Christmas not too far away, the Bose Home Speaker 300 comes packaged in a nice box and wrapped in its own cloth bag making it a thoughtful gift that you can be proud to give. The contents include the speaker, power supply and instructions although the speaker is so easy to use that anyone could pick it up in seconds. 

Using the Bose Music app or built-in Bluetooth capabilities, you can control the speaker from your phone or tablet. Removing the need to move at all, the Bose Home Speaker 300 can also be controlled via your voice with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Another useful navigation feature is the inclusion of Bose’s unique pre-sets! This allows you to pre-select up to 6 shortcuts to your favourite radio stations, albums, playlists or podcasts. Even better, get the whole family involved and each choose a pre-set with just the click of a button.

With Alexa and Google Assistant, Bose have truly opened up a whole host of possibilities for your device! No longer will your speakers be restricted to just playing music, it can set timers, work out your commute time and even tell you the most recent news and weather reports. The options are endless. Smart home lovers will also be pleased to note that the Bose Home Speaker 300 can also be used to turn on your heating or lighting if you have suitable Alexa or Google-enabled products. Of course, you can also purchase other products from the Bose Home range and link them together to create a music experience that spans the whole house!

If you are looking for a smart speaker that has a wide range of abilities and doesn’t compromise on sound or appearance, then the Bose Home Speaker 300 is the speaker for you. Not compromising on flawless sound quality or functionality means that this is a popular buy for all of our customers smart home and musical needs. Find out more about this great product by viewing the full specifications on our website here or visit your nearest Hughes store for a full demo by one of our electrical experts. If you can’t wait another second, why not consider our home delivery or click and collect services available on the website.