Things to consider before ordering an American-style fridge freezer

Planning to order an American style fridge freezer? 

Well, let's start with an important consideration – the size of the product. When your eagerly awaited package arrives for delivery, you might notice that the box is larger than the actual size of the fridge freezer. That's because it's packed with protective materials to ensure it arrives safely without any damage. Keep in mind that getting it into your kitchen will require bringing it through an outside door and potentially navigating some internal doors. The courier will not remove the fridge doors to navigate the appliance into the property. To avoid any disappointment, it's crucial to measure these entryways in advance before placing your order. We wouldn't want you to miss out on enjoying your shiny new fridge freezer simply because it can't make its way into the kitchen! 

Just how big are they? 

American fridge freezers are known for their generous size, but let's dive into the specifics, shall we? Typically, these marvellous appliances can range in size as follows: 

Width: anywhere from 70cm to 100cm wide 

Depth: spanning from 60cm to 80cm deep 

Height: standing tall at approximately 160cm to 180cm 

For precise measurements, make sure to refer to the detailed product description on the product web page. It's crucial to check these dimensions and ensure they align with the available space in your kitchen where you plan to position the unit. That way, you can be confident that your new addition fits just right! 

Also remember to leave sufficient space for ventilation. The recommended gap varies by manufacturer but generally we recommend 50mm at the back and 20mm on either side. 

Will the doors be able to open fully? 

Imagine having an amazing American fridge freezer without being able to fully utilize its generous storage capacity. That's why it's essential to choose a spot in your kitchen that allows you to open the fridge freezer doors wide—ideally at least 90 degrees. This way, you can effortlessly access all your groceries with ease. Keep in mind that if the freezer door doesn't open to a 90-degree angle, you won't be able to smoothly slide out the freezer drawers. So, let's ensure you have the perfect setup to make the most of your fridge freezer and make grocery organisation a breeze!

Types of American-style fridge freezers

Side by side

The classic American fridge freezer, this design conceals both an upright fridge and freezer behind two full-length doors. This creates a larger interior with plenty of shelves for all of your food storage needs.

French door

This design separates the fridge and freezer compartments with a double-door fridge at the top and a drawer-style freezer section at the bottom. This provides amazing full width storage and eye-level access to your favourite items in the fridge.


This four-door design has a separate double door system for both the fridge and freezer, allowing you to open one door at a time and avoid cold air escaping. This will stop your fridge freezer from working so hard and save you money on your energy bills.

Other points to consider before ordering

  • We can only go up 4 steps for delivery. If you have more steps we won't be able to deliver to you.
  • We will need to park our delivery vehicle. If you have yellow lines outside the property this will not be possible.
  • Please make sure there is a clear path to where this large item needs to be delivered.
  • Ensure any pets are shut away in advance of the delivery.
  • It is your responsibility to check over your order as soon as it arrives for any shortages or damage before signing for your new item. If you do notice any issues, please refuse the delivery and contact us as soon as possible.
  • Any damage must be reported to us within 48hrs of you taking the delivery.