Review: Krups KP110840 NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Oblo Coffee Machine

Guest blog by Alison.

The Krups KP110840 is a brilliant entry level coffee machine. The attractive price, ease of use and design make this a hot selling product. With this product featuring options for both hot and cold drinks, ranging from the basic, yet sophisticated, cappuccino to the cool and refreshing iced coffee back to the fragrant Chai latte this machine is sure to please even the fussiest of taste buds, making this an ideal product for the whole family to enjoy.

You will find that the design of the Krups KP110840 is different than most others you will come across. The design is unique, with a slim yet dynamic design this will be a talking point of any kitchen. Much smaller than other coffee pod machines, this will easily fit under any work top as it stands at only 28cm (11”) tall. If you didn’t want this on display in your kitchen all the time it is also slim enough to turn sideways and slide down the side of a cupboard. Many other coffee machines have a cup plate that sticks out the front, however the Krups one is built in to the body of the machine, and this is also still adjustable in height, allowing for different sized mugs to be used.

As this machine is manually operated, you simply hold the lever until you have your required amount of water. I found this particular feature really beneficial, as it means that you can have stronger or weaker drinks as you please. This machine uses the Dolce Gusto branded pods which feature a recommendation on how much water to use per individual pods; this will assist you when preparing such drinks as a cappuccino or latte as these use two separate pods, a milk one and a coffee one.

With the quick set-up guide it will be no time until you are making your first drink. Simply fill the 800ml water tank at the back of the machine then select what pod you would like to use. To insert the pod simply lift the lever on the top and slide out the pod holder. Place the selected pod in the holder (there is no need to pierce or peal the film as this is all done for you) then press the lever down firmly. This action pierces the pod allowing the water to penetrate. Select if you want hot or cold water and hold the water lever down again, to your required fill level. Release the lever and – hey presto – one beautiful brew ready to go!

Overall, with this coffee machine coming in at less than £50 it is a really good purchase and it won’t take too many high street coffee shop visits avoided to effectively pay for itself! I purchased one a few months ago and it is a joy to use every morning. I soon got out of the habit of paying over £3 for my daily high street caffeine fix! Get your Krups KP110840 coffee machine today with our Click & Collect service and enjoy the wide selection of drinks at your choice. Alternatively, order online (free delivery on this product) or pop along to your local store and ask about a demo.