Printer buying guide

Whether you are writing a novel, need a photo in a hurry or want a copy of your favourite recipe, a printer is an essential part of your home computing set up.

Printing technology has advanced in recent years, so whether you are upgrading an older model or buying your first printer, there’s guaranteed to be one just right for you. Browse our selection here.

  • Inkjet – Ideal for everyday home printing use, inkjet printers also print great quality photographs, with some even able to print directly from your smartphone.

  • All-in-one - As the name suggests, all-in-one printers give you everything that you need for all of your home-printing needs. An all-in-one, multifunction printer unit includes a scanner, copier and printer.
  • Wireless - Wireless printers allow you to print without having to plug your computer, phone or camera in. 

  • Epson EcoTank - These printers house Epson’s special ink tanks which can be refilled with cost-effective ink bottles. The bottles provide enough ink to print as many as 6500 prints each and help reduce your printing costs by up to 65%. Not sure how much that is? 6500 prints is around two years’ worth of ink. Epson have designed the EcoTank to house genuine Epson ink; ensuring you get the best quality results - no matter how often you use your printer.

  • Card reader - Printers with built-in card readers allow you to take the removable storage card from a camera or laptop and easily print from the card without the need for cables.

Print resolution is shown in DPI (dots per inch) and refers to the output resolution of a printer. The higher the resolution, the sharper the print quality.

Scanners capture a digital image of a photograph or document. DPI is the specification used for printed and scanned media. The DPI determines quality; scanned images with a higher DPI will look more realistic when compared to the original document or print.