Prioritising perfection down to the tiniest screw, Liebherr creates high-quality refrigerators, freezers and wine fridges since 1954. Focusing on producing appliances with maximum durability and energy efficiency while reducing food waste, they keep sustainability at the forefront of what they do. They do this to help protect both people and the environment in equal measure.

Make a statement in your kitchen

The pure design of Liebherr appliances catches the eye with its exceptional lines, elegant surfaces, and simple silhouettes. Choose from a wide range of appliances with different high-quality materials, restrained colours and ergonomic handle designs.

Tasty for longer

Get the most out of your food with Liebherr’s innovative technology. Improving year after year, Liebherr knows that you look for fresh ingredients that are the best quality when you’re shopping and want to keep it that way as long as possible. Using their appliances, you can extend the freshness of your ingredients for when you can enjoy them most.

We made simple even simpler

A kitchen essential - fridges and freezers are used every day. That is why Liebherr develops appliances that offer ease of use, clarity and flexibility – from the first opening of the door down to the tiniest feature. Full of food and convenience.