Miele have a prestigious reputation among the home technology industry for creating high quality kitchen and laundry appliances that are ahead of their time. Built to last, these appliances will still provide the same amazing results 20 years from now and it is this outstanding quality that has won Miele’s numerous Which? Best Buy and Which? Eco Buy Awards. Offering a wide range of products, choose between freestanding and integrated appliances to bring a professional quality to your home.

Leading Craftmanship

Priding themselves on flawless craftmanship, Miele sees new technologies as the perfect challenge to create an appliance that is the very best in the game. Crafting their own parts and forging their own iron, Miele takes their craftmanship one step further by building their own machines to build the appliances we know and love.

Optimum Performance

To ensure that you always get the very best appliance possible, Miele spends 30% of a product’s development time on testing. In fact, each product undergoes up to 10,000 hours of testing to guarantee a superior performance time after time.

Lasting Sustainability

Not only are Miele’s products energy efficient, but their longevity sets them apart from the crowd. Instead of repeatedly replacing appliances that are long past their best, you can buy one that will set you up for years to come.