Fridge freezer buying guide

Fridge freezers are a vital piece of tech for any home and they no longer have to be an eyesore in the kitchen.

With many styles and dimensions available, they often include additional features (such as reversible doors) to adapt your sleek new appliance to your room layout. We understand that the thought of buying new kitchen appliances can be daunting and that’s why we have created buying guides for not just fridge freezers, but fridges and freezers too, to help you pick the product that is best for your needs.

The size of your new fridge freezer will depend on a number of factors: the size of your family, your available storage space and, of course, your budget. Generally speaking, the bigger your family, the bigger a fridge freezer you’re likely to need. You also need to factor in how often you shop for groceries; a weekly ‘big shop’ consisting of a lot of fresh produce will obviously require more storage space than a daily shop.

It’s worth spending time to think about your food shopping habits to determine what would be the ideal fridge freezer for your home and budget as well as what style is most appropriate for your available space. This is a particular concern with wider American-style fridge freezers that open outwards on both sides. This is made considerably easier with our search selections to filter both height and width restraints.

Depending on your households needs, you may need more fridge space compared to a freezer or vice versa. This is why we stock several styles for those who don’t need an equal 50/50 split between the fridge and freezer.

  • 50/50

  • 60/40

  • 70/30

  • 80/20

Ideal for bigger households, our range of American fridge freezers can hold up to 40 bags of shopping. Coming in a range of widths, these can measure from around 70cm to 100cm, depending on if you pick a narrow or standard model. These can also vary when it comes to the door layout with common two-door American Fridge Freezers usually listed as ‘Side by Side’ models and ‘Multidoor’ featuring three or more.

As with all larger appliances, it is important to measure all door frames and entry ways into the Kitchen to ensure that our delivery team can safely get your new fridge freezer to where it needs to be. Please make sure to also measure where it is to be installed and accommodate for a 5cm gap on all sides of the appliance for ventilation purposes. All the important information you need to be aware of can be found on our dedicated American style fridge freezers page here.

Energy labels help people choose products which can save both energy and money as well as being kinder to the environment. These labels provide incentives for manufacturers to develop even more energy efficient products. Spanning from an A rating (the most energy efficient) to G (the least energy efficient), this scale was redesigned in 2021 to help adapt the labels to the new industry standards that are now much more environmentally friendly than in previous years.

Refrigeration appliances are rated according to the maximum and minimum ambient temperatures they are designed to function in. These are worth noting if you plan to store your freezer in a colder space or garage. The three climate classes are:

  • SN (sub normal) +10°C - +32°C.

  • N (normal) +16°C - +32°C

  • ST (sub tropical) +18°C - +38°C

The noise output from a freezer is measured in decibels and shown as dB, allowing you to compare the average noise output from different machines. The higher the dB, the louder the operating noise. Levels below 40 dB are considered very quiet and manufacturers have made huge advances in reducing the noise with new technology.

  • Frost free - Frost free freezers are hassle-free. With some freezers, you will need to manually defrost the appliance in order to ensure it continues to run in the most energy friendly and cost-efficient manner, but frost-free freezers do that automatically. The initial cost may be more expensive, but they will soon pay you back in time, money and ease.

  • Water dispenser - This feature may seem small but having chilled water readily available definitely comes in handy during the annual UK heat wave. This is provided by either a removable water tank that can be filled up as and when you need it or as a plumbed-in feature. If choosing a plumbed-in model, the Fridge freezer will need to be within 5-metres of a water supply.

  • Temperature control - Many fridge freezers feature a temperature control panel to enable you to adjust the temperature to suit your preferences. Setting your freezer to a lower range will help keep items frozen if your freezer gets a lot of use and the door is opened often.

  • Reversible doors - Fridge freezers with reversible door hinges give you the flexibility you need when choosing the positioning in your room layout. Reversible doors can be altered to open to the left or right in just a few minutes. All of our product listings state clearly whether or not it has reversible doors.

Did you know that many of our products are also available for rental? Enjoy the latest tech with low, monthly payments and regular opportunities to upgrade, find out more about Hughes Rental here.