Igniting a passion for cooking since it was created in 1877, NEFF believes that the kitchen is the heart of every home. A place to be creative and bring the whole family together, they provide innovative products that last. From disappearing oven doors for closer cooking to revolutionary steam features, there’s a lot to explore.

An appliance for every cooking style

Make your kitchen stand out with NEFF’s range of legendary Slide&Hide Ovens, sophisticated hobs and cooker hoods. With features that are ahead of the curve, such as pyrolytic cleaning and CircoTherm technology, cooking is flexible and easy. Whip up multiple dishes using seamless controls for precision when it counts. Whether you want a sleek, contemporary look or a more rustic setup, there’s a NEFF appliance for you.

Fresher for longer

Taste the difference using the freshest ingredients thanks to NEFF’s prestigious selection of fridge freezers. Keeping your groceries cool and vibrant, there’s an appliance for every kitchen. Choose from smaller, undercounter models or large American-style fridge freezers, and enhance the flavours in every dish.

Less cleaning = more creating

Save time for doing the things you love with a NEFF dishwasher and feel your creativity flow. Available in a range of sizes to suit any and every kitchen design, say goodbye to baked on food and enjoy dishes that are spotlessly clean in record time. Providing care programmes and FlexBaskets to adapt the appliance to every wash cycle, NEFF dishwashers make the post-cooking clean up effortless.

Make light work of laundry

An unsung hero, the humble washing machine and tumble dryer support your family through those messy moments. From spilt food on your favourite jumper to a dirty tea towel, NEFF’s range of laundry appliances never disappoint. Quiet and energy efficient, they provide your wardrobe with love and care using handy features such as sensitive drying and anti-crease cycles.